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Artifacts of Godville
Photo of an invisible man
Air guitar.jpg
Photo of an invisible man holding an air guitar on a white font. (765 g.e., colorized)
Type 🧷Normal
Description Only true credulous souls can see it.

The Photo of an invisible man is an artifact that is more than meets the eye. [1]

General Information

Though a lot of heroic adventurers try to get a picture of an invisible man, some lucky fellows managed not to get a picture, but actual photos of an invisible man.

At least, that's what most habitants of Godville believe in, including champions, and this despite their respective deity protestations about those photos being mere background photos.

It is unknown if the merchants are also convinced of those photo representing an invisible man or if they prentend to, trying to make money from the rich and credible habitants of Godville.

Value & Expertise

The value of this artifact is at the moment quite low. In fact, while originaly rare years ago, those photos became quite common nowdays and prices will vary between a few dozen of gold coins to few hundred, but rarely more than five hundred.

The price depends of the content of the picture. To the rookie eye, it looks like there is nothing but a background, but specialized experts "can see what lie beyond" and will interpret the picture according to mysterious details, and will give exact details of the invisible man's stance.

Obviously, those experts keep their identification methods quite secret as, by an agreement made with the traders, they gain 30% of any transaction on a photo they expertised. Usually, those methods would have seen protestations about "no-concurrencial market" but since the market have a low value and is niche, everyone turned a blind eye.


The first Photo of an invisible man in an archive room. (502 g.e.)
Photo of an invisible man posing in front of a temple. (1639 g.e.)
Photo of an assembly of invisible man at a one-invisible-man-show. (2618 g.e.)

Notes & References

  1. ↑ Well not really, but that's what the traders say to their clients.
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