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Monsters of Godville
Class Reptile
Habitat University
Description scaly givers of advice

A prehistoric beast recently unearthed and revived from a fossil. It is of a unique species and rather than outrunning you and devouring your corpse, it will try to confuse you with strangely modern philosphical questions and defeat you while helpless. Unfortunately for your hero, these ponderings are way over his/her dimwitted minds and they will likely be easy prey.

The Philosoraptor is well studied in the Phenomenology, Ethics, Epistemology, and Existential schools of philosophy. It has both studied under and eaten quite a few prominent practitioners of these and others.

Modes of Attack

A favoite mode of a attack is the so-called "Neker Maneuver", in which the creature entraps its victims with a Neker cube (which it obtained from Edmund Husserl himself). The victim is too busy trying to determine whether it's inside or outside of the construct to properly defend itself. Often a trapped hero will expire from starvation simply because he or she is not sufficiently intelligent to simply walk away.