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Acquiring a Pet

Once your hero reaches level 18, you will receive the following message:

Your hero is finally mature enough to start being responsible for someone. No, no, he is not going to marry, at least not now. But it’s very likely that he’ll get some “company” soon. Maybe he will get a pet from a local pet store or tame some abandoned monster or even a hero. Pets can be very useful in heroic undertakings. On a side note, heroes need to take care of their pets, otherwise pets can leave or even die.

Types of pets

There are certain Monsters which are intelligent enough to be tamed. This is interesting to note, for owning a pet is one of the three main goals a hero must accomplish during their lifetime.

These are the best estimates we have for the levels in which pets can be tamed. If you have data that contradicts this information, please update this page with it. The iOS app lists pets' rideability, so if you have more information on whether the new pets are rideable, please update this page with "yes" for rideable and "no" for not rideable.

Pet Class Hero's Level Rideable
Ninja Tortoise 18-30 no
Dust Bunny 18-32 no
Firefox 18-32 no
Rocky Raccoon 18-32 no
Sun Dog 18-32 no
Significant Otter 18-33 no
Prancing Pony 24-39 yes
Vogon Poet 24-39 no
Stripeless Zebra 24-39 yes
Biowolf 30-44 no
Bipolar Bear 30-44 yes
Dandy Lion 30-44 yes
Trojan Horse 30-44 yes
Lightsaber-Toothed Tiger 35-49 no
Were-Panther 40-54 yes
Solar Bear 40-58 yes
Heffalump 40-59 yes
Double Dragon 50-66 yes
Multi-legged Luggage 50-68 yes
Alpha Centaur 60-75 yes
Hyper Lynx 65-78 no
Philosoraptor 70-79 yes
Dreaded Gazebo 70-84(?) no

In order to tame a pet, the hero should defeat a monster from the above list; it is a good idea to watch the hero as he is battling one, and help the hero by healing him until he wins the battle. Then, the hero may randomly decide to spare the defeated monster's life and tame him. Other than keeping your hero healthy through the battle, a god cannot influence the taming of a pet at all. More information can be found on the wiki page of the pet. Once a pet is tamed, its stats become visible just like the hero's.


Pets, like all things, have names. Gods have no power to influence what heroes name their pets. It is all done by heroes.

Levels and personalities

Pets, like their owners, grow older and so have pet levels.

Upon the third level, the pet will gain a personality, which will change on every third level. The personality appears between the « and » next to the name of the pet and randomly changes every three levels. It influences the way in which the pet behaves and how useful they are to the hero.

Some rare and special pets which require the hero to be a higher level to tame, have a special stat known as a 'feature'. This indicates that a pet can do something special that normal pets cannot. This ability can usually be guessed from the name of the feature and makes the pet extremely useful.

Knocked out and unconscious (formerly known as death and resurrection)

Pets cannot die. However, a powerful monster blow can knock a pet out. If a hero manages to heal a pet within 60 hours, the pet will wake up and continue along as if it was never knocked out. However, if the pet remains unconscious for 60 hours, it will wake up by itself, but will only be a "Hero's best friend". It will no longer be able to compete with other pets in the pantheons, nor will it level up. If pet levels matter to a god, the god can influence the hero to release the pet by commanding the hero to cancel the vet quest. The hero will then release the pet into the wild and will be free to tame a new pet. (although he will always remember his first.) (See also resurrection.) Note that comments on the pet change announcement indicate that the proper quest to cancel is the "extend pet registration" quest.

Known Uses of Pets

Pets aspire most of all to be like their owners in every way. They want to complete quests, battle monsters and do anything else a hero may do. This is very good because this means that pets can be quite helpful in the following ways:

  1. Dealing extra damage to enemies in various ways, usually by rubbing against them, hence striking them with a static shock from their fur, or by copying the hero's attempt to confuse the enemy.
  2. Partially healing the hero, even performing CPR sometimes when the hero is close to death; this effect however is possibly cosmetic, simply replacing a different set of healing messages that heroes without pets see; on the other hand some species of pet clearly produce these messages much more often than others, which suggests that they are meaningful.
  3. Pets labelled as 'riding' may be ridden by the hero, allowing them both to travel farther or return to town faster.
  4. Randomly fetch or dig up artifacts, and even golden bricks occasionally.
  5. Randomly donate gold to their owner's god while their owner visits a temple in town; careful attention though will reveal that this gold has actually been stolen from the hero.
  6. Get discounts for their heroes by intimidating traders; it nearly always happens while the hero is selling, not buying, and will add a small sum of gold to the heroes' gold supply.
  7. Fetch beers for the hero while they are in the middle of a battle. Whether this is beneficial or not is debatable.

However they may affect the lives of the hero negatively:

  1. They may get a little excited and destroy a random artifact from the hero's inventory, or the hero may decide to make the pet a toy out of an activatable artifact (it's possible though that these messages simply replace those where the hero gives an artifact to a beggar or whatnot).
  2. They appear to steal trophies from the corpses of monsters from time to time, though the only indication of this that the hero will see is a message that he's caught the pet playing with something, but has no idea where it came from.
  3. Traders might not allow pets in their shops and heroes are unwilling to leave them behind outside, bringing their shopping trip to an end; this, again, is probably a purely cosmetic message, yet another variant of "I didn't buy anything."
  4. Check-ups at the local vet cost a lot of the hero's hard-earned money, and pet food and baths costs a lot of money as well; like the healing effect, this one too is probably purely cosmetic, replacing other money-spending messages (and it warms a god's heart a little more than yet another ticket to see Waagh!).
  5. Heroes sometimes must stop to groom and feed their pets, though it's not clear if this really slows the progress of their quest, or if the messages are just "color".

Note: Pets will not participate in any sort of duel.

The Breeder Medal

A hero who is able to raise his pet to level 30 gains this breeder medal which always appears next to their god's name: . The chinese character is pronounced as 'Chù' and translates as 'livestock'. Having a breeder medal means that all the pets of the hero (future and present) are less likely to die and are more useful to the hero.