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Once your hero reaches level 18, you will receive the following message:

Your hero is finally mature enough to start being responsible for someone. No, no, he is not going to marry, at least not now. But it’s very likely that he’ll get some “company” soon. Maybe he will get a pet from a local pet store or tame some abandoned monster or even a hero. Pets can be very useful in heroic undertakings. On a side note, heroes need to take care of their pets, otherwise pets can leave or even die.


There are certain Monsters which can be tamed.

List of Pets

In order to tame a pet, the hero should defeat the monster from the above list; it is a good idea to watch after the hero as he is battling one, and help the hero by healing him until he wins the battle. Then, the hero may randomly decide to spare the defeated monster's life and tame him. The god can not influence that.


Gods(players) have no power to influence heroes to name their pets. It is all done by heroes.

List of possible Pet names


Next to the name of the pet is '<<>>'. After the pet has gained a few levels, the pet will gain a personality which may change every few more levels it gains. The personality appears between the '<<' and '>>'.

List of possible Pet Personalities

Death and Resurrection

Everything dies, including our lovely pets. However, pets can be sometimes resurrected by the hero; again, the god cannot influence that, although he can aid in creating the pre-required conditions.

Hero resurrects the pet during his prayer cycle, given that he has enough gold (450 gold coins per pet's level). The god can help the hero to collect the necessary sum in a few ways:

  1. during hero's travels to or from the town, send "dig for treasure!" voice; every now and then, the hero will find a treasure chest with a few thousand gold coins, or a bold artifact which will fetch quite a bit of money at the trader;
  2. sometimes god's voice is delivered as a shower of gold coins which also end up in the hero's pockets;
  3. one of possible bonuses for completing a quest is a significant sum of gold;
  4. the hero tends to receive a significant chunk of money when he visits a town, either as followers' donations, or as his share of guild profits (so it is generally advisable to keep the hero in a particular guild for as long as possible, so he can achieve significant rank and hence the right for a greater share of guild profits)
  5. fight (and win) in the Arena.

Remember though that once the hero has over 3000 gold, god's Influence made during the hero's normal travels may randomly turn these into a golden brick, so it becomes a no-no if you are trying to save for pet's resurrection.

Unfortunately, the hero isn't smart or determined. He will do his best to waste all that hard earned money on food, drinks, parties, or sucky rock concerts. Fortunately, there are a few ways to prevent him from doing so. The hero bypasses his drinking routine if:

  1. The hero returns from Arena. Sending the hero to Arena is easy... but remember that he may lose the fight, along with all the hard earned money, and you have to start all over again... risking running out of time.
  2. The hero returns to Godville after completing the quest AND his health bar is in the red.

Generally, the safest way is to help the hero complete the quest ("Complete quest faster!") and then nag him to search for treasure ("Dig for treasure!") during his trip to Godville.

Known Uses of Pets

Pets are quite helpful in the following ways (one or multi uses):

  1. dealing extra damage;
  2. partially heal the hero, including healing pot supply;
  3. for level 30+ pets, they offer their hero's a ride on their backs
  4. randomly fetch loot, and even golden bricks
  5. some pets are useless


Pets will not participate in duel nor arena.