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Pets are a special kind of monsters that can be tamed once your Heroine reaches level 18. This is interesting to note, for owning a pet is one of the three main goals a Champion must accomplish during their lifetime.

Pets, like their owners, grow older and so have levels [1]


General Information

Acquiring a Pet

In order to tame a pet, the hero should defeat a tamable monster from the table below. Then, the hero may randomly decide to spare the defeated monster's life and tame it. This event is major enough to appear in the Third Eye.

Once a pet is tamed, a stat box for it appears on the hero's page, showing its class, personality, age, and level. Other than keeping your hero healthy through a battle against a tamable monster, a god cannot influence the taming of a pet at all.

Each pet is only tamable within a definite hero-level range. This range is extended once the Ark is completed.

General Pet's Features

Pets can be quite helpful in the following ways, and will actively be part of a heroine's adventure, even though some diary entries which include pets may be purely cosmetic:

  • Dealing extra damage to enemies in various ways, usually by rubbing against them, hence striking them with a static shock from their fur, or by copying the hero's attempt to confuse the enemy.
  • Partially healing the hero
  • Randomly fetch or dig up artifacts, including golden bricks.
  • Randomly donate gold to their owner's god while their owner visits a temple in town.
  • Get discounts for their heroes by intimidating traders; it nearly always happens while the hero is selling, not buying, and will add a small sum of gold to the hero's gold supply.
  • Fetch beers for the hero while they are in the middle of a battle. Whether this is beneficial or not is debatable.

However they may affect the lives of the hero negatively:

  • They may get a little excited and destroy a random artifact from the hero's inventory, or the hero may decide to make the pet a toy out of an artifact.
  • Traders might not allow pets in their shops and heroes are unwilling to leave them behind outside, bringing their shopping trip to an end.
  • Check-ups at the local vet cost a lot of the hero's hard-earned money, and pet food and baths costs a lot of money as well.
  • Heroes sometimes must stop to groom and feed their pets.

Note: Pets will not participate in any sort of duel.


Heroines will automatically give their new pet a name. Due to their intelligence, heroes can never think of original names for their pets. Instead, they tend to name their new pet companions after other famous animals they have heard about through various legends, as you can see on the list below.

Once a heroine has completed her Gods' Ark, they can change the name of a pet.

Pets can be renamed only once, but there are some naming requirements. Pet names must be capitalized and must be between 4 to 10 characters in length. Pet renames cannot contain spaces, special characters, or any capital letters (with the exception of the first letter).

Hero-Chosen Pet Names
Name Description[2]
Baloo For really big scary pets that are timid. Usually not battle-ready, but are really friendly and playful. Very laid back about life, maybe even more so than your hero. Which is saying something.
Behemoth Only a colossally stupid hero would name their pet this. Giving a battle-hardened monster the ego of a biblical giant beast is never a good idea. May be reserved for tiny pets to scare monsters.
Bess A loyal, friendly pet. Maybe not the brightest bulb or smartest of pets, but it more than makes up for it by putting up with your hero.
Blaze A name given to pets with a fiery temper. May or may not catch items alight from time to time.
Bolt Often given to canine pets who can release bursts of speed without problem, but may have occasional periods of delusion where they mix up reality with their imaginary adventures.
Boo An innocent name for an innocent brute. For young pets who love to play. More likely to be invited to parties with a spooky theme.
Buck Young pet that has not yet matured. Normally so lucky that it finds money on the ground or floor at random times. May eat the coins before your hero notices though.
Chewy Chews on other monsters a lot, which leads to it being knocked out more often than with other pets. Has a big, contagious yawn. Gives good hugs.
Chip Likes to annoy their heroes by searching for various artifacts in bushes and trees. Also, the name may be given to smaller mammals rather than larger ones. Often travels as part of a duo with its twin brother. Retired from the rescue rangers years ago.
Cuddles Pets who perhaps have no boundaries nor feel any fear of their hero but instead love to hug, snuggle, and even cuddles are often given this name.
Cupil Not the misspelling of a flying naked boy shooting arrows all over the place, but the name of a companion fabled to possess the ability to transform into various weapons to help out its master. Often given to pets who are jacks of all trades.
Dino A dinosaur on the battle field being deadly, ferocious, and flat-out terrifying. If you ever fight a dino, look out! Has loud footfall that warn of its impending arrival.
Dogmeat Not the most motivational or original of pet names. These creatures may often be described as ugly, but they are very good in battle. Usually found in junkyards.
Dumbo This name is given to a pet with abnormally large ears. Strange as it may sound, the ears are not good for hearing but might be used for flying purposes. (Unconfirmed).
Fang Often given to pets who are more bite than bark... or growl, hiss, roar, etc... depending on the species.
Felix From the latin for 'lucky', a 'Felix' usually enjoys cat food and causing the odd bit of mischief. Curiosity may kill it, but it’s rumored to have at least nine lives. And satisfaction will bring it back to life.
Fido A loyal pet, though a little annoying as it always wants to follow your hero, jump up on your hero, and lick your hero in the face. Your hero will not realize how much they come to love this pet until it’s gone.
Fire A pet that might resemble either a heavy round ball or a box shape and is heavy and thus hard to move. Often crawls into barrels or slings. If they manage to land on your enemy - count on their health to go away. Quickly.
Glargo Despite the strange name, usually quite docile. Usually given to larger pet species from Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahama, Montego, or Kokomo.
Gleep A pet that is a combination of sleep and glory: he will bring you glory but afterwards he will sleep!!! (from the myth series)
Iago Tends to be cheerful. It heals quickly, and heals the hero, but won't actually fight. May be more inclined to snack on artifacts.
Koda Not a misspelling of the name of a certain dwarfish green sage, but a name that means "Friend" or "Companion" in a Native American dialect. Suitable for pets that are really more like good buddies, though this name is more often given to a Bipolar Bear or Solar Bear.
Nessie Probably a shy monster, usually with a long neck. Often thought to be part legend. Not often photographed.
Nibbler Masquerades as an innocent, cute, and unintelligent pet, but in rare circumstances it breaks its undercover identity and becomes super-intelligent, equipped with unique technology, and exhibits strange supernatural abilities. Can move very quickly.
Nipper May bite, but only little nips while young. Should you encourage this behavior, it can be developed into a fearsome biter. Be warned, though: it has been known to bite friend and foe alike!
Null A pet that is a zero to your hero. It is easily passed over for seeming to have no ability. Yet, that is what makes this pet so deadly. It can often strike without being noticed by monsters until too late. May occasionally go by the nickname 404.
Olwyn Pets with this name may are often quite playful, but heroes should never mistake their playfulness for weakness. They are fiercely loyal companions, and love to chew on anyone or anything that may disturb their masters.
Oy A creature from a different world, can imitate speech to a degree and makes your ka-tet complete. If you feed it, it will follow you forever. May replicate if it gets wet.
Pilot A pet that seems to know which direction your hero needs to go. Name often given to pets with wings, or at the very least pets that can be ridden.
Pinky For the more intellectually challenged of pets. A 'Pinky' may be overfond of making startlingly silly noises such as 'NARF!'. Wants to overthrow the earth.
Pumba From the swahili word for 'to be foolish', probably a large and cumbersome animal. Occasionally makes noises and smells that scare off even the largest and scariest of monsters.
Rex Generally good-natured and may be able to glide well. Possibly lizard-like. Probably has short arms. Usually unable to pick up any items it drops.
Sandy These pets tend to be red in color with squirrel-like actions and a love of water. May collect nuts for winter.
Scrat Small and paranoid. Able to move quickly but often has trouble problem-solving. Has bad luck, but is persistent to a fault. Likes to try to catch and eat acorns.
Scratchy Always gets attacked by angry mice, inspires tons of sympathy. Travels with various weapons which it is able to utilize at a moment’s notice. Has a long life span and keeps coming back.
Shelby A loyal and affable pet. Friendly and hard-working. May be described as sleek and fine-tuned.
Simba For those pets that look like royalty, and are a little egotistical as kids. Breaks out into songs with other nearby critters.
Sneezy One of seven siblings, this one often suffers from nasal discomfort; may scare away monsters with constant sneezing. Guild physicians may try to administer allergy pills - to your hero. This pet will close its eyes and turn invisible during every sneeze.
Snowy Snowy is a name given to a cold hearted creature, usually joins the hero more out of boredom than because it actually cares about your hero.
Snuffles May be given to a medium to large pet of dark coloring. May have lots of fur, and prefer the company of large, yellow birds. Possibly has the ability to turn into a man if the hero is in danger. Also they are very reckless, but fun loving.
Sooba Sooba's are sweet and devoted pets, though tend to rely on being cute as a distraction rather than being of any use. They make good paper weights.
Sparky Hyperactive and fun, but very dangerous if you have a pacemaker. Great for traveling with at night, since it glows in the dark.
Spot A normal, everyday pet with no extraordinary attributes.
Stitch Usually evil, but fluffy and cute at the same time. A 'Stitch' is probably an alien predator masquerading as a dog.
Stubby What some heroes think is a "cute" name for a pet which has lost a limb in combat. Usually hurts the pet's ego, and sours the hero-pet relationship instead.
Sven Very loyal and protective of his master. Strong and able to withstand almost everything monsters can throw at it.
Thumper Name generally reserved for smaller, faster pets; although it is rumored to have lost a race to a tortoise at some point in its life.
Tigger These furry carnivores live fast and die young. They hop around and have lots of energy, which may annoy your lazy hero after awhile.
Tige This pet is capable of attacking even the largest of monsters and able to survive. Camera friendly even in broad daylight, this pet may challenge your hero from time to time.
Timon From the greek for 'he who respects', sometimes picks up strange words to utter such as 'Hakuna Matata'. Eats bugs.
Toto These guys usually just follow the owner around. Nothing too special. Able to fit into small spaces.
Woody Has a strange penchant for headbutting things, especially wood. Woodys are extremely amiable, so know that you've got a friend in him. May pretend to be dead when monsters walk into the room.


Upon the third level, the pet will gain a personality, which will change on every third level until level 30 when the hero earns a pet medal.

After the earning of a pet medal, pets will change personality on every level, including subsequently acquired pets. The personality is random and appears between the “” next to the name of the pet. It influences the way in which the pet behaves and how useful they are to the hero.

Possible pet personalities
Personality Description[2]
“Ancient” An Ancient pet is one who has surpassed level 30 and has gained wisdom from reaching this legendary level. Your pet is at their best when under this personality. They will truly be an asset to your hero.
“Brutal” A brutal pet is often a result of a bad family background. When monsters across the fields beg your hero for mercy in exchange for their wealth, this pet will jump on top of the poor defenseless victim and pin it down. What comes next is truly brutal. Daring heroes who witness the sight describe the scene to be something that is in very heavy need of an Aura of Censorship.
“Bustler” This loyal pet will help push your hero through the often crowded areas of Godville Market and shove aside newbies for a clear path. As a result, your hero gets to go about his business faster.
“Cheerful” Always seems to be happy no matter the occasion, even when your hero has died. However, pets with this personality can be especially helpful when traversing through dreaded marshes, battlefields, and/or wastelands. Here, your pet acts like a golden beacon of hope for your hero, as well as any creature of good nature seeking passage through these lands.
“Chunky” Your pet is truly... chunkin'. Guild ladies who see this pet often lose sight of what they were doing, only to have their mouths drop open looking at how “chunky” your pet is. Heroes often consider “chunky” pets to be even less intelligent than they themselves are; but honestly, what would a hero know about intelligence? Chunky pets are actually slightly smarter than average for their species, being more likely to have had adequate nutrition in important brain-formative stages of development. Either that, or they're chunky because their stupid hero/ine overfeeds them. Who's stupid now?
“Clumsy” Clumsy pets seem to always be bumping into things and dropping artifacts, and knocking over priceless ceramic items everywhere they go, much to the dismay of traders. Having learned their lesson the hard way, most experienced shopkeepers have a habit of first peeking at every pet's status window to check for such a personality before letting them into their shop.
“Crumbly” Crumbly pets tend to crack under sheer pressure, much as the name suggests. This is especially true when in battle with a strong-looking monster. However, they can be easily soothed afterwards with a fresh batch of extra-crumbly cookies, the drier the better.
“Dashing” Dashing pets are often well-groomed and owned by hardworking masters. They tend to do very well in local pet shows and earn quite large sums during street performances. Owners of dashing pets also have a hobby of seeing exactly how fast their pets can dash, earning tons upon tons of gold from betting on their pets during makeshift races.
“Droller” To some can seem like a buffoon while to others seems amusingly odd and hyper-energetic which overwhelms most monsters. This over-achiever insists on being center stage and often grabs encouragements before their master can benefit from them.
“Drooler” A trickster, who often pulls pranks, this whimsically comical pet lures a monster into a false state of security with its charming smile, and then attacks with deadly consequences.
“Eternal” A pet with this personality is one who has seen it all. He's lived so long that nothing surprises him and nothing can stop him. Owners of pets with this personality have often been heard to comment: "It just seems like he'll always be there."
“Fearful” Hides at the sight of monsters, often giving backup through the form of intel to the master.
“Fearsome” This pet causes profound fear in other monsters. Will attack enemies from behind and will strike terror in their hearts mid battle, reducing their defense. Fearsome pets, with the exception of the Dandy Lion, dread nothing with the exception of kittens, cats, and most other large felines.
“Frisky” A playful pet who often misbehaves, but can be useful. May provide comic relief in tense situations.
“Garish” Tends to roll in mudpuddles, then romp through fields of flowers, collecting pollen of various hues. This distracts the Hero's opponents, reducing their defenses.
“Great” Alexander was once named the Great for apparent reasons, he traversed great expanses no man had ever before him. It must have taken much experience and wisdom for your pet to attain this quality. Be proud, for you have found yourself a truly great companion.
“Grand” Your pet is positively majestic. He walks around with a regal air bestowing brilliant smiles upon unwitting monsters, stupefying them while he goes for the kill. He may also have grand schemes to earn you much gold.
“Harsh” A harsh pet may be a result of having passed through the hands of many unpromising owners. As a consequence, your pet is distrustful most of the time and often takes the blame to itself. It will also bottle up its feelings before unleashing the great unhappiness on an unlucky passerby. It is rumored that soon after a resurrection, these pets will come to trust their owners, change personalities, and will remain loyal to their final death.
“Immortal” A truly one of a kind pet. This type is awarded to those who have survived an onslaught of tragedies, near-death experiences, brutal bearing, and yet lived to tell about it. These guys have a psyche and body that not even death can penetrate. Approach with caution.
“Indomitable” Do not be fooled by this pet's soft fur. This arrogant monster is sure of its ability to crush, kill, and destroy. Its arrogance is justified as the indomitable pet is one of the deadliest in Godville.
“Infernal” A truly devilish pet achieved through much misery and ill-treatment. Attacks monster often but may die easily as a result.
“Invincible” Your pet seem to have stolen the great forbidden fruits of King Steelnuts and ate it. It will be more tough for now but it will eventually fade away with time as your pet grows up.
“Lazy” A lazy pet isn't always of no help at all. Being a regular slacker has the benefits of being knowledgeable of topics that are outside the competitive sport of killing monsters and battling. A lazy pet may not fight well, but it makes delicious stews for your hero during camps and plays a good guitar solo or two!
“Long-lived” A pet may exhibit this personality at or around experience level 30.
“Lucky” When it comes to anything that requires luck, your pet always seem to score! It will easily win the local fishing contest for the heaviest trout caught, most number of Bull's Eye shot as well as many various competitions. With so many trophies won, your pet may happily melt one down for you for the purpose of building that great temple. Being lucky sure is a great blessing.
“Mighty” The great mighty pet is one seen standing on top of mountain cliffs against the sunset while showing off his great silhouette to everyone. Such a pet of awesomeness is the result of much proper training and is something that one should be proud of.
“Neat” Often fetches the hero goodies in order to receive praise, and enjoys learning tricks on its own. The main benefit of a “neat” pet is its desire to clean up the mess after a battle. This results in the accumulation of hidden gold and objects, with the side benefit of a well fed pet that is easy on the hero's food expenses.
“Nimble” A truly flexible pet that can dodge flying baskets and rotten fruits thrown at it and his master from pursuing stall owners. (You'd better return that stolen fish from that store)
“Oldie” An “Oldie” is a goodie, but more fragile pet that is slowing down with age, what it lacks in youthful vigor it more than makes up for in practical application of experience.
“Parlous” Oh dear, you must have pampered your pet a little too well to the point where your pet requires nothing short of a good pedicure and grand suite to rest its tired little legs at every single town you stop by. Solution: Send your pet to military school.
“Perilous” Extremely brave and skillful at fighting monsters and will try to take down anything which annoys them. (Beware: Hazardous!)
“Retiree” A pet that has reached Level 30. Tired of fighting. Wants to take a nap 18 hours every day.
“Rorty” Useful but may decide to randomly destroy an item from your inventory
“Scary” Effective monster deterrent, although monsters scare themselves away a lot of the time too.
“Shaggy” Knows the little streets behind the markets and knows the little side deals that may be available. Helps the hero save some money through these little ways he is a fantastic bombastic pet!
“Skittish” Seems always to have drunk 12 energy drinks... at once.
“Slashing” No, not the kind when it comes to bargaining deals but this is one pet that is a little compulsive and will tear anything that can be torn and will enjoy slashing whatever that can be slashed.
“Snoopy” Enjoys the pleasure of finding things out. Probably has long ears and owns a dictionary.
“Splendid” Always happy, the perfect pet
“Steady” This pet has learned the art of surviving and exemplifies the idiom: "Slow and steady wins the race." Though it may take him a little longer than some other pets, you can be sure whatever he does will be masterfully completed.
“Superb” The most magnificent and splendid of beasts! If not a little pretentious.
“Superior” Yes... You know what that means. A superior pet is one that stands as master against all other puny beings. A superior pet also grants the owner access to some of the higher classes of treatment in guilds. Newbies commonly drool when they see such a pet cross their path.
“Surly” A surly pet is often seen as an ill-tempered child with bad manners. It will always try to settle disputes by showing off its large canines and threatening to bite whoever doesn't comply. Traders who see these pets often wet their pants before agreeing to decrease their prices.
“Swanky” Latest fashion ideas? What to wear this weekend? Your pet knows it all! Having an extensive knowledge and experience in this field, your pet can give valuable advice to your hero on which armor piece looks best with the other. Your hero can then walk proud in the wilderness knowing that he/she does not look like a donkey in tutu.
“Tenacious” A tough pet that is willing to follow your hero through harsh deserts and sticky swamps. It is able to last in conditions where other pets would have fainted.
“Toothless” A pet who has surpassed level 30 and requires dentures. Unfazed by the lack of teeth, or more likely, completely unaware of his condition, your hero's pet will continue to bite the enemy. With this personality, his bark really is worse than his bite.
“Truthful” Your pet seems to have a master's degree. It will tell your hero when it is wise to retreat , although , like The Voice of God to your hero, it doesn't always work.
“Unbeatable” Local monsters who take up the challenge against this pet often return with serious bruises on the necks and arms. Witnesses say that, when the monster tried to hit the pet with a punch, all they saw was a blur of movement before it received a 15-HIT COMBO! on the backs. After recovering, the witnesses see the pet posing a classic victory stance.
“Unique” Your pet is truly one of a kind to you. This is achieved only through much Divine Intervention on occasions that the pet has died and in return, the pet will take good care of your hero through life and death.
“Vigorous” Helps the hero heal by various means like fetching potions, but sometimes destroys an item in the hero's inventory. Will disappear while its owner sleeps to teach CPR to other pets. In short, it just CAN NOT stop moving.
“Vivid” Appreciates everything, unfortunately a little naive. Will glow brightly when excited, giving away its owner's location, although this trick may help a hero lost on the roads.
“Wild” Sometimes your pet sniffs the air and detects another one of his kind. He gets excited at the news that he might get a playmate. A pet in this state is best left alone in cases where signs of aggression are shown. (Caution: May bite)

List of pets

There are 4 types of pets :

  • Normal: No special abilities
  • Riding: may be ridden by the hero, allowing them both to travel farther and return to town faster.
  • Dungeon: may disarm a trap or mark special rooms on the mini-map (with a "!")
  • Sailing: may help to search an island faster. (This type of chronicle entry ends with a "pawprints" emoji: 🐾.) Sailing pets may also assist in revealing the immediate area, by indicating (for example) a nearby island or beastie.

These are the best estimates we have for the levels in which pets can be tamed. If you have data that contradicts this information, please update this page with it. The iOS app lists pets' rideability, so if you have more information on whether the new pets are rideable or participate in dungeons, please update this page with "yes" for rideable/dungeon-ability and "no" for not rideable/dungeon-ability. Please be careful when updating level ranges that you get the right column.

Pet Class Hero's Level Feature (Ability)
Pre-ark Post-ark Riding Dungeon Sailing
Ninja Tortoise 18-32 18-32 no no no
Ballpoint Penguin 18-32 18-32 no no no
Dust Bunny 18-32 18-32 no no no
Firefox 18-32 18-32 no no no
Rocky Raccoon 18-32 18-32 no no no
Santa Claws 18-? 18-? no no no
Satan Claus 18-103 18-117 no no no
Significant Otter 18-33 18-33 no no no
Sun Dog 18-32 18-32 no no no
Talking Donkey 18-32(?) 18-32(?) no no no
Prancing Pony 24-39 24-39 yes no no
Vogon Poet 24-39 24-39 no no no
Stripeless Zebra 24-39 24-39 yes no no
Biowolf 30-44 30-44 no no no
Bipolar Bear 30-44 30-44 no no no
Dandy Lion 30-44 30-44 yes no no
Trojan Horse 30-44 30-44 yes no no
Lightsaber-Toothed Tiger 35-49 35-49 no no no
Were-Panther 40-54 40-69 yes no no
Solar Bear 40-68 40-69 yes no no
Heffalump 40-69 40-75 yes no no
Double Dragon 50-66(78?) 50-79 yes no no
Multi-legged Luggage 50-68 50-84 yes no no
Alpha Centaur 60-80 60-89 yes no no
Grounded Hog 60-86(?) 60-89(?) no yes no
Hyper Lynx 65-78 65-92 no no no
Philosoraptor 70-95(?) 70-95(?) yes no no
Dreaded Gazebo 70-84(?) 70-96 no no no
Gummy Wyrm 71-93(?) 71-93(?) no yes no
Battlesheep 76-99(?) 75-103(?) yes no no
Terror Bull 88-97(?) 82-104 no no no
Inner Demon 91-95 91-112 no yes no
Vengeful Mole 83-94 80-106 no yes no
Godvilla 90-114(?) 90-104(?) yes no no
Thesaurus Rex 101 100-101 yes no no
Blind Gorgon 100-112(?) 100-124(?) no yes no
Crypt Creeper 117-119(?) 117-139 no yes no
Landshark 80-106(?) 80-109 no no yes
Ticking Crocodile 90-99(?) 87-105 no no yes
OctoBear 93-119(?) 93-119 no no yes
Battle Toad 116-128(?) 101-128 no no yes
Presidential Seal 114-119(?) 114-128 no no yes
Fail Whale 130-137(?) 122-137 no no yes

Important Mechanics

Knocked out pet

In the current Godville world, pets can't die. However, a powerful monster blow can knock a pet out, giving your hero 60 hours to revive it.

To heal or revive a knocked out pet, your hero has to pay a priest to do it during the praying phase in any town. How much gold is needed depends on the pet’s level — Gold needed = 450 * the level of pet. [3]

Reviving a pet quickly (within 10 hours) can actually level it up more quickly, or immediately. Gods can’t influence heroes to revive their pets directly in any way, and can only try to trick their hero into doing it on his own. You can find tips on how to do this on the Strategies for Pet Healing page.

If a hero manages to heal their pet within the 60 hours limit, the pet will wake up and continue along as if it was never knocked out.

Zombie pet

If a heroine fails at reanimating their pet before the 60 hours limit, it will wake up by itself, but without a level or personality: a "zombie pet".

The pet will only be a "Hero's best friend" — without level it will no longer be able to compete with other pets in the pantheon of taming and will simply just follow its master and appear in general diary entries.

You can either keep it for company, or wait for the “Extend pet registration” quest and, by cancelling it, set the pet free so your hero can tame a new one. The quest to "extend pet registration" will start shortly after your hero fails to revive their pet. To release the zombie pet, simply give a voice command to "cancel quest", identically to cancelling a guild change quest. If you miss the opportunity to cancel this quest, you need to wait until your hero takes this quest up again later in the game.

!Hero's Diary
12:01 Judging by Shelby's face I think he's tired of me. I guess it's time to finally set him free. Farewell, Shelby! I promise to find a new best friend in your memory!


Once a heroine is done building his Goddess' Ark, it becomes possible to store up to three Pets[4] in the Ark by using the "Put into Ark" button (50% Godpower) in the same box as the pet information.

The next time the heroine enters Godville through the city gates (i.e., no sail/arena/teleport), she will leave her pet behind in the Ark. Any pet can be retrieved the same way by selecting it in the "In the ark" menu for 50% Godpower.

If the heroine travels petless during her quests, she will acquire a new pet the usual way, no matter the amount of pets in the Ark.

Note, if a God would like to switch a pet with one in the ark (in other words, put the current pet in the ark and take a pet from the ark out), click "In the ark" and choose the pet to switch. Do not put the current pet into the ark (50% Godpower) and then remove a pet from the ark (50% Godpower), well, unless you want to waste Godpower.


The Animalist Medal

A hero who is able to raise his or her pet to level 30 gains this animalist medal (also called the breeder medal) which always appears next to their god's name: . The Chinese character is pronounced 'Chù' and translates to 'livestock' in English. Having a breeder medal means that all the pets of the hero (future and present) are less likely to die and are more useful to the hero.

Honored Animalist

Store three pets that have reached level 30 in the Ark.

Typical Diary entry

Your Hero will interact with their pet in various random ways.

!Hero's Diary
09:09 Sooba looked hot, so I trimmed his fur. Then he looked cold, so I knitted the fur into a cardigan for him. Now he looks adorable. And annoyed.
!Hero's Diary
14:59 Stitch wagged his tail and looked fondly at my retrospectroscope. I went ahead and gave it to him. Let the brute play.

See Also

Notes & References

  1. See Pet levels for more details about level growth curve.
  2. 2.0 2.1 The included descriptions are not canon material.
  3. Blog entry 60
  4. "Zombie pets" can also be stored in the ark.
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