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After a few levels have been gained by a [[Pets|pet]], it will gain a personality. The personality appears between a '<<' and '>>' next to the [[Pet names|pet's name]]. The personality of a pet changes every few levels so that it becomes more useful to its owner. Below is a list of pet personalities and what they mean for  the pet's behaviour. There is no order of ascension; the changes are random.
#REDIRECT [[Pets#Personalities]]
* '''Frisky'''  - misbehaves often but can be useful.
* '''Chunky'''  -large but not lazy and tries to help sometimes.
* '''Lazy'''  -says it all; no help at all.
* '''Lucky'''  -keen and prone to miraculously finding gold bricks.
* '''Truthful'''
* '''Shaggy'''
* '''Splendid'''- always happy
* '''Dashing'''
* '''Bustler'''
* '''Drolly'''- a trickster, often pulls pranks.
* '''Fearful'''
* '''Surly'''
* '''Snoopy'''
* '''Neat'''
* '''Brutal'''
* '''Rorty'''-Randomly destroys an item from your inventory
* '''Swanky'''
* '''Scary'''

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