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Heroes will automatically give their new Pet a name. Due to their intelligence, they can never think of original names so they often name their little companions after other famous animals. Below is a list of all the possible names a hero may choose to name his pet, and what they say about that particular creature.

  • Baloo - for really big scary pets that are timid. Usually, not battle-ready but are really friendly and playful.
  • Behemoth - a hero would only name their pet this if they were really stupid. Giving a battle-hardened monster the ego of a biblical giant beast is never a good idesq.
  • Bess -A loyal pet.
  • Boo -An innocent name for an innocent brute. For young pets who love to play.
  • Dogmeat -not the most motivational of names. These depressed creatures are ugly but very good in battle.
  • Dumbo -This name is given to a pet with abnormally large ears.  Not good for hearing but might be used for flying purposes.
  • Felix -from the latin for 'lucky', a 'Felix' usually enjoys cat food and causing the odd bit of mischief.
  • Gleep- A pet that is a combination of sleep and glory he will bring you glory but afterwards he will sleep!!!
  • Fire- a pet that might resemble a box shape and is hard to move but if they land on your enemy count on health to go away.
  • Iago- tends to be cheerful. It heals quickly, and heals the hero, but won't actually fight.
  • Nessie -probably a shy monster, usually with a long neck.
  • Nibbler
  • Glargo
  • Oy -for the pet of a hero that watches too much Eastenders, could be unimaginative and aggressive.
  • Pinky   -for the more intellectually challenged of pets. A 'Pinky' may be overfond of making startlingly silly noises such as 'NARK!'.
  • Pumba   -from the swahili for 'to be foolish', probably a large and cumbersome animal. 
  • Rex     -generally good-natured and may be able to glide well. possibly lizard-like.
  • Scrat   -Small and paranoid. Likes to try and hide acorns.
  • Scratchy
  • Simba   -For those pets that look like royalty.  
  • Sneezy
  • Sooba
  • Sparky   -hyperactive and fun but very dangerous if you have a pacemaker. 
  • Stitch   - usually evil but fluffy and cute at the same time. A 'Stitch' is probably an alien predator masquerading as a dog. 
  • Sven
  • Tigger  - these furry carnivores live fast and die young.
  • Timon    -from the greek for 'he who respects', sometimes picks up strange words to utter such as 'Hakuna Matata'.
  • Toto   -These guys usually just follow the owner around. Nothing too special.
  • Woody   - has a strange penchant for headbutting things, especially wood.