Peripheral Terror

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Monsters of Godville
Peripheral Terror
Peripheral 1.jpg
Habitat The corner of vision
Description Whatever mind imaginable

The Peripheral Terror is a monster.

A Story

Staring at sleeping bodies.

Wandering alone, feeling something foreboding, brooding skin tingling of something watching; Stalking.

Prickling at skins on backs.

Whipping heads turn around, nothing is seen. But pattern continues, and fear swells within bosom, lungs pumping with concrete. Run away. Get to town. Singled out now by a Peripheral Terror.

Very rare. Once one chooses, will always haunt the very edges of vision. Unknowable form, and the terrifying sensation that something is right behind eyeballs, wheedling up spine, such cruel, sickly feelings. Looking back, see beady eyes, frowning maws, or just a glowering form. But never fully. Always in the recesses of the eyeball. Nowhere! Everywhere! Somewhere!

Getting weaker in groups; multiple lines of eyesight are harder to avoid. Those to survive, stay in the same town. Night scary, being alone scare. Constantly in the same bar full of people, horror on face. Please no. Not the monster. No sneaking up anymore; people surrounding. Please.

Confined by the limits of deepest fears. Braggarts say, no fear at all! Stupid braggarts; fear is skin crawling off body. Run, no look back. Pursuing already, power is the flickering fear of minds and eyes. Every head turn to see peripherals, only growing stronger. Don't be a fool. Please don't look. Please. Disoriented, then exhausted, fear paralyzes. No see it, but right right behind, reaching over trembling shoulder. Neck over shoulder, mouth opening and stretching and ripping, hot, wet breath on face; consumed.

Not ethereal or a figment of imagination. So very real, even behind now! Biggest fear of facing peripherals, is turning around, and seeing fully the horror. All probability, dying now, whimpering, saliva dripping on shoulder. No seeing. Be quiet.




  • Can never fully see. Always behind, over shoulder.
  • Preys on the mind's uncontrolled fear. The more looking, the more strong.
  • Impossible to kill. Always slinking behind.
  • Closing the eyes and crying does not help. It's still behind.


  • Is weaker against many. Don't wander out alone.
  • Does not commonly attack sleeping ones. Just watches in sleeping.
  • Backing into a wall will halt, for the moment. But just waiting. Forever.
  • Keeping eyes straight ahead and running can save all. Just don't look back.
  • Relatively rare. Until it sees.