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A surprised face
Peek-a-boo can cause serious shock and surprise.

Skill Type: Combat


Peek-a-boo is more than a child’s game. In the hands of a skilled hero, the sudden surprise caused by the quick revealing of the face stuns an enemy and causes varying degrees of trauma, depending on the hero’s proficiency.


A difficult skill to master, peek-a-bee involves three key movements performed with precise timing. First, the hero covers his or her face with his hands (napkins or knapsacks are also used). Second, perhaps most critically, the hero prepares a face (depending on skill level). Lastly, the hero reveals that face in a quick and sudden revealing motion while declaring “peek-a-boo”. (Note: Progenitors of the skill experimented with parts of the body other than the face. However, the results were too unpredictable and often lead to emotional damage to the hero due to severe embarrassment.)

Level Effects

Level 1-5

Scares the enemy with a fearsome face, replete with a growling “peek-a-boo” declaration.

Level 6-10

Compels an experience a shock by revealing an equally shocking face. (If the hero is careless, he or she might also become shocked by the enemy’s shocked face, potentially leading to an indefinite cycle of mutual shock. Thankfully, because of training and experience, the hero rarely falls into this trap).

Level 11-20

Causes the enemy to choke with laughter by revealing a funny face. The sudden burst of laughter may also cause the enemy to spit back at the hero’s face, making the situation even funnier – thus causing more damage.

Level 21+

Stuns and confuses the enemy by a completely expressionless face with no declaration of “peek-a-boo”. This level of mastery requires the full concentration of the hero. The enemy, expecting a scary or funny face, is completely taken aback by the total lack of expression and vocalization. This perceived violation of the rules of “peek-a-boo” causes the enemy to experience a moment of serious arrest and uncertainty.