Peace Corpse

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Monsters of Godville
Peace Corpse
Necromis pacificus
Class Undead
Habitat Underserved territories and overdone rock concerts.
Description Often wears tie-dye and masks its stench with patchouli.

Sometimes asserted to be the corporeal half of the Ungrateful Dead, the 'Peace Corpse (Necromis pacificus) is the sworn enemy of the Godville Intelligence Agency.

General Information

Most people don't remember the Godville Intelligence Agency's unsuccessful Operation Summer Garland, the role it had in the recruitment of youthful residents of (CHOOSE TERRITORY), the many bureaucratic scraps it has had with the Godville Diplomatic Corps, or that undeclared safe house in (CHOOSE TOWN) that got blown wide open, but the Peace Corpse remembers. The Peace Corpse always remembers. It remembers, and is a militantly conscientious objector.

A Peace Corpse usually has the aspect of a strong, lanky, waspish undead creature. Since it usually has a preference for tye-died or plaid flannel rags, sometimes has stickers of dancing teddy bears, and tends to whiff of patchouli and rot, many cryptozoologists believe it to be the corporeal remains of a creature that has spectrally become one of the Ungrateful Dead. That is where the similarities appear to end, however, as the Peace Corpse is undeniably service-oriented.

(More to come.)