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Deities of Godville
Para Bolus 
Owl Av2.png
Hero Thulkred
Personality Changeable
Gender Male
Motto Imbibus Invictus!
Band of Rejects
Guild position Grand Master

God page: GodPara Bolus 

The information in this page is for anyone who cares to read it. If you want to use this information to write or update a Godville wiki article, feel free to do so, but remember that there may be errors and that if you don't vet the information for accuracy then you rely on it at your own risk. A citation back to this page would be nice but is not required.



Thulkred was born on 16th May 2013 at about 18:15 Melbourne time.

My hero's name is made-up. However, I don't recall inventing it so I probably stole it. Google sayeth not so the origin is probably buried in my pre-internet days. I expect that if I dig through my boxes I will find him, or some variant of him.

My mental image of Thulkred is of a hulking red-headed barbarian with green eyes, singed eyebrows and inky fingers. He's not too bright and is rather deaf - perhaps due to the assorted bangs and flashes he's set off while combining artifacts and melting gold bricks from gold coins.

He is about 195 cm tall and weighs 120 kg. He has massive feet, 35 cm long. He is fond of wearing tatty t-shirts with obscene prints on the front when kicking around the taverns.

His motto, "Imbibus invictus", literally "drinking invincible", freely translates as "unbeatable drinker". His record is in Los Adminos on 3rd Aug 2013, when he:

!Hero's Diary
22:11 Had some fun at “The Battle Toad.” Spent 35483 gold coins.

Actually that effort only earned him second place in the drinking pantheon, after Gary-sue. I haven't had the heart to tell him yet.

He joined the "Band of Rejects" Guild on 31st May 2013. He made it to "Cardinal" then switched to the "Blue Feather" Guild as he thinks the "Careerist" badges look cool.

His pet is a ninja tortoise yclept Oy, whom he tamed on 23rd Jun 2013 at 07:11. He likes his pet and plans to keep it through to Level 30. After that he'll wait till it gets knocked out and release it.

Thulkred's Stats


  • Temple completed 01-Aug-2013 23:14, total 77.21 days (78 days). Level 29.


  • Total Skirmishes 2: 2 wins, 0 losses.
  • Total Arena fights 95: 81 wins, 8 losses, 6 draws (0/6 on the toss - his luck with the toss is nothing if not consistent).
  • Longest Arena winning streak, 56 (fights 8 to 63 inclusive).
  • Longest Arena losing streak, 2 (fights 2-3 inclusive).

Building a temple (庙)

Para Bolus/Thulkred's Temple

This section tracks the progress of my temple. It may be of some use to later comers curious about how long it takes to build a temple and the best ways to get bricks. I built my temple much faster than most players.

Para Bolus - Temple.jpg

I fooled away my first month in the game, though I called it learning the ropes. Then I decided to see how quickly I could complete my temple. I had no hope of beating SBFH's time (70 days, Level 29) but I figured at least I might come close enough to rate an honorable mention. I didn't keep proper track of bricks for the first month, so the number of bricks each day for that period is indicative rather than definitive. Once I started building in earnest the daily count is accurate.

I tried to get some bricks every day. Since GodVille had to fit around other events in my life there was no specific number, but as a general guide I aimed to get at least my current overall average, rounded up. On my best day I acquired 55 bricks, on my second-best 41 bricks. I acquired 30 to 40 bricks seven times. From the time I joined GodVille it took me 78 days to complete my temple, and Thulkred was at Level 29.

I planned to post a table of brick acquisition here but couldn't really see how it would be more informative than just posting the chart instead.

Acquiring bricks is easy. The main difficulty is being stubborn enough to keep at it until the temple is complete. It takes a certain type of crazy (and willingness to spend money) to collect 20-30 bricks per day.

See Getting Bricks below for my tips on how to acquire bricks.

Getting bricks

The richest source of bricks is digging for boss monsters. There is a plethora of advice available on this wiki about the best ways to dig. Some is good, some is less good.

My method during temple building was to spam "dig" commands until one took. Spamming involves sending a dig command, waiting for the little message indicating delivery to go away, then sending another dig command. This was sometimes quite expensive in charges, but usually worked fairly quickly. My standard dig voice command was "Dig gold, dig gold, dig gold, dig gold, dig gold, dig gold, dig gold, dig gold, dig gold, dig gold." The word "Dig" is suppressed in overheard voices (so my friends did not get blasted with zillions of dig commands) and the repetition seems to help the hero to hear and act upon it. A simple "Dig" also works fine.

A much more economical method, adapted from SBFH's, is to identify the second that the Godville clock ticks over from one minute to the next, and to dig in that second and at exact 20 second intervals from that second. Doing this I usually get some sort of response in black print rather than mostly responses in blue print, and I still get a boss trigger reasonably quickly.

A good method that doesn't require clock watching is to wait for the Earthly News to change.

Even a failed dig command may bring in some gold. You may find a treasure chest worth a few hundred to a couple of thousand coins, or a monster's cache worth up to a couple of hundred coins. You may find artifacts that can be sold for gold.

The single biggest source of bricks is from melting gold pieces using actions (Encourages and Punishments). Under these influences, 3,000 gold will sometimes melt into a brick. You'll typically get enough gold from a boss monster to make one or two bricks, sometimes more if some of your allies die or the boss makes gold (auriferous). More often than not you'll get a brick as part of the booty from fighting a boss, and you only have to wait an hour between boss fights so you can easily manage several boss fights per day. Melting works best (about 1 in 3) When you have enough gold on hand for multiple bricks. If you can't afford to burn charges, stop melting when you drop below 6,000 gold because you'll drop to 1 in 4 or 5. If you have more than about 15,000 gold, actions seem to work even better, down as low as 1 in 2. This means that if you are in red health it can be nearly 50/50 whether an Encourage will give you health or a brick.

The hour you must wait before you can dig up another boss is based on the time the previous fight ended, not when it started. I find that digging in that very minute is often successful, but often when that minute rolls around your hero is in town or is fighting a monster. You can try commanding him to go back to town a minute or so before the hour is up in the hope of digging up a boss on the way back to town.

A surprisingly good but flaky technique is Building up. If you have, or can make, some artifact that manufactures bricks (such as Transmogrifier) you can get multiple bricks by converting your bold items to bricks. I once obtained seven bricks from one artifact, which was a very economical use of god-power per brick.

The same technique can be used to manufacture bold and activatable artifacts that are more valuable when sold, increasing the value of your inventory. The gold coins from these can be melted into bricks as you acquire them, to prevent your hero spending them on beer.

I rarely allowed Thulkred to lose a boss fight. That doesn't mean he always won - sometimes he just plain got beaten - but if there was any prospect of getting a brick from the fight, I would try to see it through. This is uneconomical in charges, but a brick is a brick and every brick counts. You won't get out of the fight any sooner unless all your allies are also defeated, so you might as well make the most of the brick or bricks on offer.

Boss fighting tips

These tips are optimised for players trying to maximise the gold bricks from fighting bosses. They are explicitly NOT about the most cost-efficient ways to fight bosses. Also, since people building temples are typically lower level than those who have temples, they are tailored for heroes with short health bars.

  • If you are after a gold brick, try to avoid winning the boss part. You can randomly win a brick even if you do get the boss part, but if bricks are in short supply the hero winning the boss part is least likely to get one.
  • Use voice commands freely. Don't rely on actions, which are expensive and can backfire.
    • Voice commands are a statistical thing. If you use a VC and it fails, don't give up. About one in four VCs will do something, on average, so just keep trying.
    • If you are evil, use mostly heal voice commands to reduce or eliminate the need for Encourages.
    • If you are good, use mostly attack voice commands to reduce the number of Punishes you need to fling.
    • Either way when your health is near max, switch to prayers or attack voice commands.
  • If you choose to use actions, Punish on your attack turn and Encourage on the boss's attack turn.
    • If you Punish on the boss's turn you face the risk of receiving a damaging backfire on the same turn as the boss hits you. If the boss is Nimble or your health bar is low, you're likely to be knocked out of the fight.
    • If you Encourage on the boss's attack turn the Encourage pretty much cancels the effect of any attack, and if it fails you have your attack turn to try again.
  • To get the most from each boss you have to survive the fight. Keep your health up. You'll see players running the edge of red health. They have their own reasons: you don't need to copy them. To save some godpower, you don't need to run your health up to 100%. High green is usually ample.
  • You don't owe anyone a free ride. It's fine to help friends or support allies who are actively fighting the boss, but if someone is just sitting there AFK (Away From Keyboard) you do not owe it to them to spend charges to save their hide. In fact you want them to go down so you get a bigger share of the loot. Be ruthless to strangers!

Personal Code of Conduct for boss fights

This code is a work in progress. I had it in my head before I realised I had a personal code and could make it explicit.

  • This is a personal code. I will not hold others to it.
  • I help friends, and I also help strangers who show fighting spirit.
  • I will not actively seek to kill unoffending allies by e.g. Encouraging a Leeching boss. Being AFK is not offensive for this purpose.
  • I may choose to kill or harm allies who cause me harm, who e.g. miracle and destroy items, or who cast excessive encourages against a Leeching boss without making counterbalancing attacks.

Tactical section

  • I fight to survive, not to lose. However I may choose to throw any given fight to help a friend, or just because.
  • I won't throw a fight just because it looks uneconomic.
  • I will not use miracles in fights without first explicitly asking my allies (at my option I may choose to interpret silence as a yes).
  • I will actively attack Squandering and Nimble bosses early, and Summoning bosses when the Mini appears, unless other considerations (e.g. Auriferous) indicate otherwise.
  • I will generally go Away From Keyboard on Deafening bosses unless other considerations (e.g. Nimble) impel me to action.

History and philosophy of the code

Early on, I actively helped everyone. It's my default state; I like to help. If an ally was in trouble I would spend charges to kill the boss faster. However, after a while I found that certain types of allies were costing me a lot of charges (real money) and giving back nothing, or worse, they were doing actively selfish things that cost me loot or gold. So I stopped helping AFKs unless they were a friend. I continued, and continue, to help players who show fighting spirit.

The topics in the Tactical Section more or less summarise rules of thumb I developed fighting bosses.

Building an Ark

The information in the section is still very new and some "facts" may change as new information comes available or the devs tweak the game. I am one of the first to achieve "Raider" 2nd (50 dungeons) and one of the top log collectors in the new "Arkeology" pantheon. Here is my take on these new features.

Arks were added to Godville on 21 Sep 2013 around 9:36 UTC/GMT (19:36 in Melbourne). Arks are built from gopher wood, which can be collected from three sources -

  • from temples,
  • from epic quests, and
  • from dungeons.

From temples

Temples provide a variable source of wood. Each time you arrive in Godville with less than 10,000 gold you may get a log, but if you visit too frequently or too soon since last time, you probably won't. You need to allow at least several hours between visits. Gold and charges are allocated separately to logs. There have been reports of getting unannounced logs - that is, you get a log without there being a diary entry and you only see it in your woodpile later. Since logs are not recorded by the Third Eye it is difficult to be sure exactly when you got a temple log.

From epic quests

The number of logs appears to depend on the length of the epic quest and whether you hurried it somehow e.g. with miracles. Most people get 4 or 5 logs from an epic quest. I have so far done only one epic quest since logs were introduced so I don't have a lot of first hand observation to work on.

From dungeons

Dungeons offer a guaranteed two logs per 24 hours. Since you can only win one log per dungeon, you need to "dungeon" at least twice in 24 hours to get these. If you only dungeon twice a day, that's all you'll get.

The game offers a chance of additional logs from dungeons, but you should think of these as "early" rather than "bonus" logs. The game uses two timers to track logs. If either timer has expired, you get a log. If neither timer has expired, you have a random chance to get an early log. Each time you get a log, the timer next to expire is reset to 24 hours ahead.

To have a chance of an early log you need to dungeon more than twice a day. You are very unlikely to get a log more than 16 hours early. You are most likely to get an early log within an hour of the next timer expiry, probably as a concession to people who play at the same time each day (because otherwise they would need to play later each day to get their guaranteed logs). However, getting a log an hour early is a negligible gain (maybe one log a month) compared to getting one 16 hours early.

To maximise your logs from the dungeon while minimising your dungeons, you can try to time your visits so that the next timer has less than 12 hours to go. If you go three times a day, you might go every 8 hours, say at 7 AM, 1 PM and 9 PM. Remember that the log timer is reset based on when you discover the treasure and get the log, not when you go into the dungeon. This means that by 9 PM, your 7 AM log is 16 hours ago and the timer has only 8 hours to run. If you don't get a log at 9 PM, you will almost certainly get one at 7 AM the next day.

Dungeon Tips

Getting to a Dungeon

Access to the dungeons is by way of the new "Send to Dungeon" button on the remote control. You can Send to Dungeon almost anywhere, even in town or while fighting a field monster, but not from duels or boss fights. It costs 50% gp to Send to Dungeon

You can send to dungeon four hours from the time you last returned from a dungeon, unless you time out waiting to match in which case you can try again one hour after timing out. The timeout is seven minutes after you "Send to Dungeon". If you time out you may get some compensatory rewards - for example, god power and gold.

If you are not at full health you may receive a small health boost, equivalent to an Encourage, when you Send to Dungeon.

A dungeon party will comprise three to five heroes (Russian Godville says six but I have never seen more than five in English Godville) who dug at substantially the same time. You have no choice of allies except by the timing of your Send to Dungeon, as The Great Random determines who is in each party. For best results, gather three to five friends and all Send within seconds of each other.

Getting around a dungeon

Progress in the dungeon is by "steps" similar to the steps of an arena duel. You can move one square per step. You have 100 steps in which to find the dungeon's main treasure. If you do not find the treasure within 100 steps the party will automatically return to the surface without a reward, similar to letting a "Sneaky" dig boss escape.

If your hero's health points are reduced to 1 then he or she is considered knocked out. At least two party members must have health greater than 1 HP or the party will automatically return to the surface and be charged a penalty, as in dig boss fights with no survivors.

Once you find the treasure the treasure will be divided, the party will automatically return to the surface, and your hero will resume whatever he or she was doing at the time you pressed the "Send to Dungeon". Conscious heroes get a full share of the treasure and loot, knocked out members get a smaller share of just the gold.

You arrive in the dungeon standing on a square marked "E", for "Exit". To prematurely exit the dungeon, return to this square after taking 20 steps and your party will return to the surface. On the pop-up minimap of the dungeon, the party is marked by "@", squares marked "#" indicate walls that you cannot move through, and "?" indicates unexplored squares.

You navigate by sending a voice command including one of four key words: "north", "south", "east" or "west". The party will attempt to move in the nominated direction. If no command is issued, or you use multiple keywords, or two or more party members give contradictory commands, or the direction is impossible (e.g. through a wall) then TGR will decide what to do.

Winning a treasure in a dungeon

Here and there you will find clues to the location of the treasure, e.g. arrows pointing, flames blowing, writing on the wall. These clues are VERY IMPORTANT! Keep an eye out for them and act on them. If you are not the navigator, draw the navigator's attention to them.

Experienced spelunkers - a common term for dungeon adventurers - usually let TGR determine the first few steps. In theory you may need to issue no commands at all as the party will tend to move towards the treasure and may find it unaided. In practice, a clever navigator will shorten the time required to find the treasure, especially if the path is indirect due to inconvenient walls blocking a direct route. TGR's artificial intelligence is rudimentary. However, by letting TGR guide the first few steps you establish which direction to search first.

For best economy, nominate one person to navigate. You can take turns navigating to share the cost.

You do not need to issue a navigational voice command for every step. Once you establish a direction, especially in confined places (walls on either side), TGR will generally take two or three steps in that direction on its own, unless it encounters a wall.

In the dungeon, you may encounter boss monsters. These will generally carry only gold, not items, but are otherwise similar to dig bosses and you fight them exactly the same way. They are distinguishable by the number of abilities they have. A boss with one ability is generally far from the treasure and will be worth roughly 1500 to 2000 coins per hero. A boss with two abilities is closer to the treasure and will be worth roughly 3000 coins per hero. A boss with three abilities is usually adjacent to the treasure, and will be worth roughly 4500 coins per hero. You may not encounter any bosses. Many bosses can be avoided. Look for clues like "heavy breathing" or your swords glowing blue - these indicate that a boss is near.

Note that as dungeon bosses don't have artifacts to break unless they make or pickpocket them, miracles are not as frowned-on in dungeon boss fights as they are for dig boss fights. Also, when you are moving through the dungeon rather than fighting, a miracle may partially heal the whole group, not just the caster. This will earn you brownie points with your allies.

Some rooms offer special facilities such as prayer or healing. Generally these rooms will not work more than once.

Some rooms contains traps that pinch gold, artifacts or health points. Unlike the good rooms, these do work multiple times! Best not go through one more than once.

Gopher Wood for the Ark

The other new feature of the game is building an Ark. To build an Ark requires Gopher Wood. You can get Gopher Wood in three ways: from your temple, from completing an epic quest, and from dungeons. This article is only concerned with dungeons.

You are guaranteed up to two logs of Gopher Wood from dungeons in each 24 hour period, but you can only get one log per dungeon trip. This means that to get two logs you need to dungeon at least twice a day. When you already have your two logs and hit Send to Dungeon, the game will advise you how many hours it will be before your next guaranteed log.

In fact two timers are used for this purpose. Timer A starts when you get your first log. Timer B starts when you get your second log. Say you get your first log at 6 AM on Day 1. Timer A is set to expire at 6 AM on Day 2. Four hours later, at 10 AM on Day 1 you get another log and Timer B is set to expire at 10 AM on Day 2. You have now acquired your guaranteed two logs and your next guaranteed log is after 6 AM on Day 2.

However, TGR may randomly allow you to win additional logs from dungeons in any 24 hours. When this happens, the timer that is next to expire will be reset. Thus in the example above, if you find a 3rd log at 2 PM on Day 1, Timer A will be reset from 6 AM on Day 2 to 2 PM on Day 2. Timer B will still expire at 10 AM on Day 2. Thus your next guaranteed log is now after 10 AM on Day 2 (Timer B) because Timer A has been reset.

Raising a pet (畜)

Pets Oy (Ninja Tortoise), Rex (Firefox) and Dumbo (Firefox). The following table tracks their achievement of each level. If an exact date and time was not recorded, is has been approximated to the hour.

Level Oy Rex Dumbo Note
1  23/06/13 07:11   25/08/13 03:22   09/12/13 08:27  -
2 23/06/13 22:03 25/08/13 16:40 10/12/13 08:04 -
3 25/06/13 07:37 27/08/13 10:42 - -
4 27/06/13 07:50 28/08/13 22:36 - -
5 29/06/13 20:59 01/09/13 09:40 - -
6 02/07/13 22:00 04/09/13 18:07 - -
7 06/07/13 10:06 08/09/13 02:14 - -
8 10/07/13 08:42 11/09/13 20:23 - -
9 14/07/13 17:20 16/09/13 14:40 - -
10 19/07/13 11:37 21/09/13 12:00 - Rex approx.
11 24/07/13 15:12 25/09/13 05:39 - -
12 30/07/13 03:49 01/10/13 20:46 - -
13 05/08/13 01:12 06/10/13 06:00 - Rex approx.
14 11/08/13 07:08 14/10/13 05:08 - -
15 17/08/13 21:25 21/10/13 06:41 - -
16 24/08/13 19:52 23/10/13 15:05 - -
17 01/09/13 02:19 07/11/13 05:32 - -
18 08/09/13 16:38 14/11/13 16:07 - -
19 16/09/13 14:39 23/11/13 00:20 - -
20 24/09/13 20:14 01/12/13 01:17 - -
21 04/10/13 01:53 10/12/13 16:40 - -
22 17/10/13 01:03 - -
23 23/10/13 13:07 - -
24 07/11/13 13:10 - -
25 19/11/13 20:32 - -
26 01/12/13 23:13 - -
27 - -
28 - -
29 - -
30 - -

Arena Tips

This section is a stub.

Combining artifacts

When I get bored or need to free up space in my Inventory I like to combine artifacts. Here are some of the more interesting and/or useful results I've encountered. Your mileage may vary - the game is not known as The Great Random for nothing.

It's worth noting that certain items act as catalysts. They can be combined with artifacts to make other artifacts but they are not used up in the process. If you have two catalysts that fit together, you can combine them till the cows come home - or until the sky rains byte-code, which is more likely. NOTE: This may now be "fixed" - some items that were catalysts are no longer.

Other items are inert (perhaps I should call them "noble", as in noble gases). Boss monster trophies - Broken Hearts, Ears, Earlobes, Eyes, Lucky Paws and Tails - used to be catalysts but these items no longer combine with anything and so are inert. So are Golden bricks. I've left the boss parts in the examples below, because the examples worked at the time and still illustrate the principles.

I've sorted the top of the list by output and the bottom by topic.

Box With a Question Mark

  • Decided to randomly throw broken heart of the Overtaker and borrowed time machine into a fire. After regaining consciousness I found box with a question mark. Neat, now if I could just find where my eyebrows went...

Emergency Exit

These are easy to get. If you have a trophy ear, earlobe or eye from a boss monster and another bold E item, you can probably get an exit. Useful for getting a head start away from the town of Godville. Get a bold E item, dig up a boss, win the ear, get your exit and go. As I said, easy-peasy!

  • I fiercely combined ear of the Giga Byter and Encyclopedia Godvillia into one piece, gave it some filing and got emergency exit.
  • Decided to randomly throw ear of the Heromnivore and Encyclopedia Godvillia into a fire. After regaining consciousness I found emergency exit. Neat, now if I could just find where my eyebrows went...
  • Decided to randomly throw ear of the Squirmisher and exact approximator into a fire. After regaining consciousness I found emergency exit. Neat, now if I could just find where my eyebrows went...

Gift of Fate

Hurricane in a Bottle

Portable wormhole

  • Yes, Almighty! Following your command I blindly made portable wormhole using placebo pill, painting of gods playing poker and 21 coins as materials.

Philosopher's Stone

  • I raged and threw problem solvent and portable stairway to heaven at the ground. To my surprise, philosopher's stone bounced back and hit me in the head!


  • I laid my sack of loot down for a quick rest and that mischievous ninja tortoise of mine swallowed both the tail of the Squirmisher and the thin blue lime! Following an odd urge, I quickly reached around, performed the Heimlech maneuver and out popped a brand new, yet, slightly soggy third-time charm.
  • Took a massive tumble down a hill. After I dusted myself off I noticed tail of the Squirmisher and third-time charm squished together to form transmogrifier. My clumsiness has finally paid off.

Two Ears or other body parts

Boss monster body parts are now inert and no longer combine with anything: they are useless despite the misleading "will come in handy" blurb added by the game developers.

  • My Lord, to make something useless I have to break something useless and I think either the ear wig or the ear of the Heromnivore will come in handy.

Building up

I had an ear but no other E's except a couple of healing essences. So I tried them out:

  • Disassembled essence of health and ear of the Squirmisher hoping to create something new out of them. The result exceeded all expectations - I assembled everything back together and made a recipe for success out of remaining parts!
  • I've found a new recipe: take essence of awesomeness, stir it with ear of the Squirmisher and you'll get eerie silence generator!

That second round cost me my essence of awesomness, but gave me a bold E item, so ...

  • It appears that if I grind ear of the Squirmisher into a thin gruel, smear it over eerie silence generator and temper it in the fire, it will transform into emergency exit.

One night I had several B artifacts and one combination of a nonbold pair gave me a nonbold bottle of USB port that didn't disappear when combined with a broken heart of the Overtaker. I had a merry time making and using multiple box with a question mark's from the bold artifacts I generated from the catalytic items ...

  • Yes, Omnipotent One! Following your command I blindly made background music generator using broken heart of the Overtaker, bottle of USB port and 28 gold coins as materials.
  • I noticed that broken heart of the Overtaker and background music generator fit together like puzzle pieces. Now I think they look more like box with a question mark. Hopefully, a trader thinks so as well.

And that, gentle reader, is how you make activatable artifacts out of lesser artifacts.

Combining Golden bricks

  • I raged and threw glow-in-the-dark matter and golden brick at the ground. To my surprise, golden cinder block bounced back and hit me in the head!

Hey, where'd my golden brick go! (Note: This no longer works as Golden bricks are now inert.)

Plastæ cavete

You do need to be careful sometimes, though. One day I made five Emergency Exits and activated them one after the other. Suddenly my page froze, then reloaded ...

  • The earth suddenly shook, the sky rained byte-code... A sleeping Godville Administrator rolled over in a far-off cave.

This is GodVille's warning to slow down.


These are my notes on miracles. The data I have a still thin and incomplete but the trends I am observing are as follows (subject to addition and revision as results accumulate):

Find a bold artifact

Can happen anywhere in the field (i.e. out of town but not in a fight).

  • A Steel Rat suddenly fell from the sky right onto my weapon, dropped a license to drill into my pocket, and thanked me with its last breath. If only all villains were like this guy!

Heal the hero

Heals can happen in field or town, but if you are on the move to or from town you will overwhelmingly get heals.

  • Millions of tiny, effervescent bubbles tickled me from the soles of my feet to the top of my head. I feel thoroughly scrubbed and brand new!

Hurry Quest

To hurry your quest, miracle while the hero is questing. "Returning to the quest..." is good.

  • An earplug found its way into my ear right as a disembodied voice whispered in my other ear instructions on how to dream a dream within a dream. With nowhere else to go, the information got stuck in my head.

Repair or enhance equipment

Miracle while you are on the move to or from town.

  • My aging equipment suddenly received a critical update via the ether and now it feels better than new. Cool! [Spacemarine's battle armor +1 from 40 to 41]

Digging research

I've been playing around with synonyms for the three known words that work to dig for boss monsters - "dig", "gold" and "treasure". Alas, it seems the humble "dig" is no longer broadcast. This means you cannot make clever variations on "dig" and both dig for boss monsters and get god power from friends up-voting your voices. So it's either resign yourself to spamming "dig dig dig dig" and never being heard, or come up with new dig words that may work and also be heard.

This is noble work. By the time it is done I won't have a friend left who will listen to me!

This section tracks the words I've tried. All these words have failed, or would be blocked by the game's filters:


bore, break up, bulldoze, burrow, channel, clean, concave, deepen, depress, discover, dredge, drill, drive, enter, excavate, exhume, fork out, gouge, grub, harvest, hoe, investigate, mine, penetrate, pierce, pit, probe, produce, quarry, root, root out, rout, sap, scoop, scoop out, search, shovel, sift, spade, till, tunnel, turn over, uncover, undermine, unearth.



abundance, cache, capital, cash, catch, darling, find, fortune, funds, gem, hoard, jewel, money, nest egg, nonpareil, paragon, pearl, pile, plum, prize, reserve, riches, richness, store, trove, valuable, wealth.