Papaver Somniferum

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Occasionally, the hero may embark upon this quest in a town by himself. If you don’t want him to change guilds, send him a god voice saying something like this: “This quest is lame, stop doing it!" Sometimes the hero is busy, so pay attention to what he writes inside his diary when you send him voices. If you don't succeed, try again. Pay atention to the quest your hero is embarking on. Make sure to place " sign over the text. That way the game will register it.
— Warning from Ixi Ixi

If something were to change and I could no longer be the leader or can't be a leader I will support your candidacy if you wish to be our leader and there was no one more suitable.
— Kurisu Kaltig the Founder

This is a group of mostly young Gods and Goddeses who gathered together under the name of the flower called Poppy. And not the common flower mind you, but the very special one at that. They are not degenerates. Nay, they are a group who only wish to spread their influence to every city, village, forest and local haunted lake! All medicine is poison and poison is medicine!

The founder of the guild, mischevious Goddes Kurisu Kaltig, wishes that the guild name could one day inspire positive thoughts and hope. But, honestly, light supreme goddess Lelotif is there to see the world burn in silence.

The enthusiastic deities have leveraged their godpower to inspire fear and awe into mortals with all their might. Their efforts have bore fruit as the guild has taken a high position in pantheon of popularity. Be it selling glasses to the charity or purposefully casting darkness onto the land so that their minions could bring torches to panicking masses, there is no stopping the young ones!

As of recent, the guild has welcomed old deities into their ranks. The future of the guild is promising.

For me, as I made our guild, I had one main wish: the leader should listen to guild members. We should all decide together, vote, do something or change. If the overhelming majority of guild wants something and only leader disagrees, refusing to do it, that would not be cool. For the idea when creating this guild was about making a good guild atmosphere and giving every member a voice in deciding. We are all equal. Make them feel equal and, possibly, create roads and goals of the guild in unity.
— Kurisu Kaltig the Founder

Minions/Heroes of the Guild

Bobobob la Pie: I would say that he has grown on me. At the beginning, I was dumbstruck by his stupidity. I used a lot of my power to make that mountain of muscles. I was afraid that my neglect of intellect was far worse than I have imagined. But he proved me wrong. He knew when to run. He knew how to swindle merchants. And, most importantly, he placed his faith in me. I suppose this is why I've seen the wandering voices in his diary calling their pawns as 'children'. If you had to ask me why the two of us joined this guild... well, let me tell you a tale. I was done creating a sleepiness resistance potion, or coffee as some call it, and I wished to check op on him. That's where I saw it. He was in the slums, penniless and in rags. He was leaning on the stone wall unable to sleep. It started to rain and, in an a laughable gesture, he wrote in his diary. He was wondering if I was crying and was trying to cheer me up. He must have thought I wasn't looking. He then used the medicine made from the poppy flower to fall asleep. I've been nothing but supportive of him ever since. I think it helped. He was able to sleep soundly every night. --Lelotif (talk) 02:32, 29 August 2019 (UTC)

Anniye: She made guild under this name because she ate flowers. Yes, you heard right. One time, a great but a foolish heroine broke her leg. The pain was too unbearable that she started going crazy. She found strange, big and beautiful purple flowers. This purple was her favourite color and seeing these flowers started to make her mind peaceful. Because of pain and temporary madness she started to eat these flowers... And pain was gone a few minutes later! When she met a doctor she asked about the name of these flowers...

Doctor: Name of these is Papaver Somniferum in latin. Folks called them "poppies", they are the greates pain-killers in this world but addictive too... Do you know "somniferum" means "bringing sleep"? And poets says these flowers symbolize dream, silence, poison, danger and even death. But poets aren't worth much. I hate them. My ex-wife is gone because of one of themn. Do you know what I did for her in our reliationship? This f$#%#% c$@$#$@ did...

But she wasn't listening anymore. She thought about guilds before, because she didn't want to go to any of existing guilds because she didn't know anybody in them whom she liked. And she was quite alone in this world. She tried picking up traders but they was always saying she is too stupid for them. Sometimes she killed them as monsters. She was good in heart, loyal to potential friends, but very cruel to enemies, she has very weak nerves too. She killed... Killed people in silence. And they died. And didn't feel pain anymore. And they are like in a dream. And she just liked these flowers. There were so many reason, much more than she can invent so everyone can thinkt about them on their own. That was genius. Or just that she was stupid enough to find normal thinkinging as genius. Nvm. She had no name yet!!!

First day she started to make guild, soon second person joined. There were 2 people in a guild and she was afraid there would be no more - she heard heroes considering joining guilds only if there are more than five members. But she was unnecessarily worried. Soon there were more than five. More than ten. She wasn't alone anymore. They started to gain popularity soon... But she really hated some of this popularity because it was from her goddess always trying to electricute her. So now she is continues killing monsters and traders. To soothe her nerves. But still, it is very nice to have friends. She can hurt them only on accidents, but she is hurting herself accidentaly too all the time.
Kurisu Kaltig (talk) 07:58, 31 August 2019 (UTC)

Records of the Guild Council by Lelotif the Archive Overseer

There are marching bands, floats and large balloons along the streets of Los Demonos. Better get my guild uniform and go march with my guild comrades: it's a parade of “Papaver Somniferum”! - Matipl

xD - Matipl

"They say history is written by the victorious. That's not true. For the record, I, Krejzol, died this day at the hands of a Leader of the Banned." mwhahahaha xD -Matipl

Oh, now guild chat fill with lots or people! - Hephzilah ☆

That is one glorious death! - Lelotif

Isn't it? XD - Madao-san

Yeah, here's many ppl! - Madao-san

Yeah, here's many ppl! - Yatagarasu-dono

Yeah, here's many ppl! - Matipl

Many people! - Lelotif

Yeah, many people! - Matipl

Yeah, many people! - Yatagarasu-dono

Yeah, many people! - Madao-san

Many people! - Lelotif

That's right, many people! - Madao-san

zS - Madao-san

xD - Madao-san

`:D - Lelotif

Lots of people! - Lelotif

`:D - Madao-san

`:D - Lelotif

`:D - Yatagarasu-dono

Guilds Achievements and Events

[23.08.2019] First site of popularity - 51th place:
Trollbridge 2%
[23.08 - 30.08] one time between these days guild has even more popularity (about 23th place) but sadly - we didn't note this. Four or five towns, in one 3% or 4%
[31.08.2019] Guild is on 24th place has popularity in 4 towns:
Unsettlement 2%
Nothingham 2%
Beerburgh 1%
Trollbridge 1%