Panzer Dragon

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Monsters of Godville
Panzer Dragon
Class Dragon
Habitat Grasslands
Description Small, tender dragon

The Panzer Dragon is a full grown version of the pansy dragon, which is weak and useless. However, the full grown version is more than a match for most children and less robust women. Its main diet consists of small pets and mice. It can be anywhere from 5 inches to about 3 feet when fully grown and tastes remarkably like chicken fried steak when raw. When fully cooked it tastes even better and is sought after by many chefs and assistant chefs for the delicious taste. Unfortunately for the chefs, they are no match for the Panzer dragon and while searching out the dragon to eat they mostly get eaten. Multitudes of adventurers were hired back in the first age to hunt down these tasty beasts and bring them to the chefs, but most of the adventurers tasted the Panzer dragon and found the taste delectable and the experience worthwhile. As such the Panzer dragon was almost hunted to extinction and is now considered a delicacy.


  • Can breathe fire (or at least smoke robustly, which tends to disorient weak-minded heroes)
  • Can fly
  • Sharp talons


  • Hates water
  • Does not like high moisture environments
  • Utterly delicious!