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If you are competitive at all, the chances are that you'll want to visit the pantheons every so often. They are the leader boards of Godville. Different pantheons rank different things within the game. Some rank guilds and some decide on the most powerful heroes for example. These leader boards are by no means static though, for they constantly change as more data comes in. Most are updated in real-time but a few are only updated a certain number of times per day. There were previously three categories:

  • Pantheons by Gods- These rank the best gods according to certain aspects. They may also rank things that gods participate in, for example, guilds.
  • Pantheons by Heroes-These rank heroes for different qualities they may have and even acts they have accomplished. They may also rank their pets.
  • Pantheons by Impact-These rank the influence heroes have in certain areas; the impact they have on the world around them.

However, at the same time as the pantheon of popularity was introduced (and the other few that were created with it), the pantheon classification system changed. There are still three categories:

  • Short Term Pantheons- These rank heroes by properties which are forever changing. This pantheon only includes players who have been active some time in the last 5 days.
  • Long Term Pantheons-These rank heroes and gods alike by qualities which tend to remain fairly constant over time.
  • Guild Pantheons-These rank guilds by their various guild properties.

At the beginning, it is extremely difficult to climb the pantheons but it gets easier as a hero's level increases. Some pantheons are exclusive to certain groups of heroes and others are open to all. Difficulty in gaining a high place in pantheons varies greatly with the pantheon type and some change more quickly then others.

Competing pantheons

It is impossible to have a high in all Pantheons. Gods must prioritize different pantheon statuses and in game achievements forcing gods to budget their power.

  • Destruction and creation are complete opposites and cannot be both earned at the same time.
  • Destruction has a negative affect on survival as evil heroes tend to die more
  • Construction and the former greed
  • Survival and the Martyr achievement
  • Storytelling and Gratitude conflict with none of them.
  • The number of people in Construction decreases when people enter templehood (they can not both be had at the same time. Once your pantheon is changed, there is no going back.)
  • (Savings killed greed)
  • Any pantheon that could benefit from a miracle conflicts with the alignment pantheons
  • All these pantheons interfere with the fun of the "die" command because it wastes god power and gold coins

Mutual pantheons

  • Working on either alignment in town can help increase popularity.
  • They also coincide with the saint and fiend achievements and they can be had / worked on at the same time
  • Melting bricks can helps both alignment and construction.
  • Individual gladiatorship ratings add to aggressiveness.
  • Gladiatorship also helped greed and now helps savings.
  • Former decreases to gladiatorship (dieing in scrimmages) also lead to lower survival ratings.
  • Destruction helps might
  • Creation helps survival

List of Pantheons