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The '''Pantheon of Greed''' is a former pantheon ranking the number of gold coins in hero's possession.
#REDIRECT[[Pantheon of Greed]]
Due to every hero constantly spending and obtaining gold coins, these rankings fluctuated dramatically.
Actions which had drastic affects on this pantheon's rankings included:
* [[Aura of abstinence]]
* Completion of a [[quest]], especially an [[epic quest]].
* Completion of a [[mini-quest]] with a big reward (after selling all the items to a trader or merchant).
* Defeating another [[hero]] either in the [[arena]] or in a [[skirmish]], and getting a large reward.
On September 6, 2012 (851 [[g.e.]]), the Pantheon of Greed was removed and replaced with the [[Pantheon of Savings]].
[[Category:Pantheons]] [[Category:Short Term Pantheons]]

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