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The pantheon of adventure, originally called the pantheon of adventury, ranks guilds by how adventurous the guild members are.

Thirst for adventures is a prominent part of a heroic guilds' life. In the pantheon of adventure, you can observe the aptitude of guilds to activites of the underground and those of the sea. The rating is based on sails and dungeons made in the last year, with successful adventures in dungeons being prominent and sails even more prominent. Only guild members with Chief Master rank or higher are included in this rating.

Scoring [1]
Activity Dungeon Sail
Attempt 1 3
Success 3 9


Long Term Gratitude • Might • Templehood • Gladiatorship • Storytelling
Short Term Mastery • Construction • Taming • Survival • Savings • Creation • Destruction • Arkeology • Catch • Wordcraft • Duelers
Guild Unity • Popularity • Duelery • Adventure
Former Greed • Aggressiveness