Pantheon of Templehood

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"This pantheon is for the gods who have already completed their temples, and for the heroes who built them. The oldest temple owners appear at the most honorable places on the list." The pantheon of templehood is the only pantheon in which earned positions will never change. Therefore GodGodzillla  , the first one to erect a full temple will always be first in this pantheon. The existence of a pantheon in which a god's rank can not be worked on to be improved bothers some, however most gods who have temples are glad to have eternal fame in Godville. It is not possible to be in both the pantheon of templehood and construction at the same time.


Much gameplay is required to join the ranks of Templehood. A hero needs to be realistically at least level 39 in order to complete a temple, which comes after many months of adventuring. This makes this pantheon the second smallest in Godville (next to the pantheon of storytelling which requires out of main game work). However it is normal to have a completed temple by level 55-60, so those high among the pantheon of might will probably be in this pantheon as well. Even though whenever this pantheon increases the [[pantheon of [construction]] decreases, the rate of new accounts being made is greater than that of existing accounts reaching templehood, so this panteon will remain smaller.

Obtaining 1,000 bricks for a temple is an understandably long, difficult, and arduous task, which requires a lot of input from the gods/goddesses themselves. Without inout from someone above, the hero/ine would most certainly spend their money on beer, not bricks, right? Many of the bricks obtained (sometimes up to 60%) are created by an eager influence from the skies above.

Other heroes prefer to dominate in the Arena, taking with their many victories not only tales of battle to tell at bars, but also golden bricks from every battle won.