Pantheon of Storytelling

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This is the pantheon where heroes are ranked by the average rating of their Hero's Chronicles. The number of votes is shown as a matter of interest since, theoretically, the larger number of votes, the more reliable the average rating. The minimum number of votes a chronicle must have to appear in this pantheon is 10. This pantheon is updated twice daily at the same time as the Pantheon of Unity.

Reliability and Consistency of the Ranking

Many new chronicles, having arrived on the pantheon by the votes of 10 (or a few more) friends, begin with an average rating close to 5, and are immediately pushed up to the top of the pantheon. They soon, however, drop like a stone because of one of the key aspects of the pantheon:

Once you appear near the top, your chronicles are now in the spotlight; the wider public of Godville can then descend on them like a pack of judgmental locusts (and often do). You can be helped up to the top easily, but staying there is a different matter altogether. Only the chronicles actually worth a top place in the pantheon generally stay where they are.

Many people tend to vote at the extreme, preferring the 5-star and the 2-star rating (they don't want to feel guilty or overly-harsh) since the scoring of a chronicle is inherently difficult due to the qualitative analysis involved (in other words, people find it hard to give a rating which reflects their opinion when they have to rate on a certain scale, and uncertainty increases with the size of the scale). This means that if you don't drop like a stone in the pantheon, you'll probably float around the same area consistently.

Some people are concerned about trolls who may down-rate chronicles without even reading them, or because they don't like that particular person or their guild. This is yet another reason why more votes means more reliability, because with some added decent votes, the effects of the trolls tend to be smoothed out. The average is the key. The fact remains though that the top of the pantheon will remain dynamic (as opposed to the static Pantheon of Construction) until the ranking in the pantheon takes into account the number of votes as well as the average rating.

Suggestions for Improvement

Perhaps the most obvious mathematically appropriate formula for a fairer 'storytellers rating' would be this: the average rating divided by five, multiplied by the number of votes. This would stop the pantheon becoming too fluid and unpredictable, and introduce a bit of structure to make it behave more like the Pantheon of Gladiatorship which uses a similar idea (see the Gladiatorship rating).

This formula would be fairer still if the ability to vote zero stars for a chronicle was introduced, since at the moment the above recommendation would favour having a larger number of votes a little too much, which is why other formulas have been proposed too.

It is uncertain as to whether such a storytellers rating will make it into the game. Things aren't looking too good for it at the moment, since the current system has been in the original Russian Godville for a long time now, and is thus presumably a proven idea.