Pantheon of Duelers

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This pantheon shows the best Godville arena fighters in the current contest season. The score is based on Elo rating, which takes into account outcomes of all prior duels. Top 100 heroes of this pantheon will be rewarded with an achievement based on their final standing at the end of the season.

Each "season" lasts three months: January through March, April through June, July through September, and October through December. When you look at the standings for the pantheon, it will tell you how many days are left in the current season at the top of the page.

Honored Duelers Hall Of Fame.
Division 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Season 1: Jul. - Sep. 2014 All* GodRaising A Ruckus  GodWilsonAce  GodJrif 
Season 2: Oct. - Dec. 2014 Jr. GodKanteron  GodDemonsurge  GodCallabraxa 
Sr. GodHairPlug4Men  GodPikot  GodHaylie 
Season 3: Jan. - Mar. 2015 Jr. GodQueen Haylie  GodHippolyte  GodIlas 
Sr. GodHaylie  GodTae  GodMeowy 
Season 4: Apr. - Jun. 2015 Jr. GodNeb Lord of Shadows  GodSuspicious Voice  GodAlex Trebek 
Sr. GodKeleios  GodGray Raven   GodM- k3 
Season 5: Jul. - Sep. 2015 Jr. GodHairplug4men again  GodHairplug4men against  GodHairplug4men a gain 
Sr. GodGray Raven  GodThe Sock  GodMentalFlick 
Season 6: Oct. - Dec. 2015 Jr. GodHairplug4men again  GodRavas  GodOne of Paradox 
Sr. GodEnoch Metatron  GodAthomick  GodEmpress Kerry 
Season 7: Jan. - Mar. 2016 Jr. GodMlinzi  GodSylphion  GodAncient Demon 
Sr. GodEnoch Metatron  GodRavas  GodUrsina 
Season 8: Apr. - Jun. 2016 Jr. GodTalkie  GodCelestial fox  GodThe new Geoff 
Sr. GodEnoch Metatron  GodThe Sock  GodRavas 
Season 9: Jul. - Sept. 2016 Jr. GodTalkie  GodIsoptera  GodDead again 
Sr. GodTuggernongy  GodThe Sock  GodHairplug4men 
Season 10: Oct. - Dec. 2016 Jr. GodPip In Heels  GodCamsaesso  GodLe Derp 
Sr. GodTuggernongy  GodKarmina  GodUrsina 
Season 11: Jan. - Mar. 2017 Jr. GodUm Cuzzler  GodEeap  GodMissGuided Flats 
Sr. GodNgma  GodHairplug4men  GodUrsina 

*In the inaugural dueling season, heroes with a temple and heroes without a temple were combined in the same division. For the second and subsequent dueling seasons, heroes without a temple (and those who finished a temple during the season) were placed into the juniors division and heroes who had a completed temple at the start of the season were placed in the seniors division.

Rating Calculation

At the beginning of each season, each fighter has an Elo rating of 500. (However, fighters are not ranked in the pantheon of duelers until completion of their first duel.) At the conclusion of each duel, the winner's Elo rating will increase and the loser's Elo rating will decrease by the same amount. The magnitude of the shift is based on the difference between their Elo ratings: if the higher-scored player wins, the shift will be smaller than if the lower scored player wins. To find out how much your score will change after a duel, look at the point difference between you and your opponent:

D = (Your Elo rating) - (Opponent’s Elo rating)

The Elo rating difference D is converted into a kind of probability W that you will win the match using this formula:



W will be greater than 0.5 if you have a higher rating than your opponent and less than 0.5 if lower. The value 400 appears in the equation to make W approximately equal to ¾ (actually closer to 0.76) if your rating is exactly 200 points higher than your opponent. The implication is that you should win 76% of the time when fighting an opponent with a score 200 points less than yours. W also determines the spread of points awarded or subtracted after the duel is fought:

Duel won: Gain 25(1-W) points
Duel lost: Lose 25W points

Your opponent will always lose the same number of points you gain and vice versa. The value 25 in the formulas is the maximum possible point shift at stake in a given duel. If you win the duel, you’ll gain 25(1-W) points. If you lose, your opponent will gain 25W points, and 25(1-W) + 25W = 25. This value of 25 is known as the K-factor. See Wikipedia for additional details behind the math of the Elo rating system and the K-factor.

The player with the higher Elo rating will gain fewer points with a victory but will lose more points with a loss. The table below provides the Elo rating point changes for various values of D.

if win
if lose
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