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'''Hairplug4men'': 0''
'''Hairplug4men'': 0''
'''Bella Luna:'' 1''
'''{{God|Bella Luna}}:'' 1''
'''Artosian:'' 0''
'''{{God|Artosian}}:'' 0''
'''{{God|Shannonus}}:''  0''
[[Category : Gods]]
[[Category : Gods]]

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PVP thread is found on the Dumbledores Army thread on the fourm page. Two players that voluntere have random battles against each other. There is a main score board on who is King Of The Hill and all the ranks. The PVP was created by GodSMACN  for this spicific purpous. Players may compete in more than one battle after their first one.

Who sponsors?

The Dumbledores Army is the sponser of the PVP.


" LOVING your forum right now. Couldn't have picked two better competitors - too fun!!"

- GodMajor Houlihan 


Hairplug4men: 0

GodBella Luna : 1

GodArtosian : 0

GodShannonus : 0