Overlords Reunion

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Overlords Reunion
Motto: Save the planet or stay drunk!?
Alignment: pure awesomeness
Date Founded: Jun 666
Membership Count: 66^0
Guild Page: Overlords Reunion 


The mission of Overlords Reunion is to safe the beautiful and peaceful Evil Overlord.

I am overjoyed by the generous support of Overlords Reunion!
Evil Overlord, Interview from 1221 g.e.

About the Evil Overlord

The Evil Overlord is an often misunderstood creature. Because of it's gross and fearful appearance it's getting slain by many ignorant heroes ignoring the inner beauty and graceful mind of the Evil Overlord. Nowadays only a few Overlords are remaining, living in fear and agony, waiting to become the prey of so called "hero's".

The Masterplan


Therefore we are planning to make a campaign of awareness at your local tavern. Come up and speak to us about the things you can do to save the Evil Overlord with a cold beer in your hands. We also spread our knowledge in every town and with every hero we meet in the arena, in dungeons, at land or at sea.

!Hero's Diary
06:26 Told the bartender at my favorite tavern I am member of "Overlords Reunion" now! He offered me a free beer just for leaving. My membership already paid off.
11:13 Showed my friends the "Overlords Reunion" membership card. They lead me out of town with excitement!
15:47 Met an Evil Overlord. Showed him my guild membership. Got free hugs!

You can do something right NOW! JOIN the Overlords Reunion...