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Artifacts of Godville
Out-of-time machine
Still waiting on an approved vendor restock...
Type 🧷Normal
Description A slightly large tin box with a clear side which looks like it held something?

Despite popular misconception, the "Out of Time Machine" is not, in any way, a time machine. In fact, it may just be a useless tin box. The shiny metal gleaming through the rust has caught the eye of many heroes and monsters alike.

These relics of a forgotten era were manufactured by an industry striving for a monopoly. One of their tactics was to code in a subscription bypass which needed a special key code from an approved vendor to keep the machine in operation. Ever since the company filed for bankruptcy, due to their outstanding debts accrued on business trips to the bar, the special keys had been repo'd and no one had been able to pay the bills in time to save the collection of keys in time before resmelting.

Now that their use has been long forgotten, these useless trinkets are frequently being brought in to traders as a rarity. Little does the public know that these defunct machines are only sent off to be scrapped. Usually, only to be picked back up by a monster attracted by the shine and found again by adventuring heroes.