Osmium hammer

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Equipment of Godville
Osmium hammer
An unrealistic depiction of this hammer being held, the wielder should be struggling to hold it due to its weight.
Worn 🗡️Weapon
Durability +44 to +47
Description An extremely heavy hammer.

The Osmium hammer is a weapon that heroes can wield. It looks like a typical hammer, but the metal used to forge it is, as the weapon's name suggests, Osmium. This is not too much of a problem until it is realized that Osmium is the heaviest metal, weighing more than even gold or tungsten. Depending on the size of the hammer a hero or heroine decides to buy, it could be so heavy that he or she has to drag it like a club despite it being smaller than a club. Most, however, can be used easily by using both hands to carry it.