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There are certain things you can tell your hero or heroine that will sometimes affect their actions. If you use certain words while using 5% of your godpower and typing commands to the hero or heroine, occasionally they will do what you tell them. These phrases generally don't work while the hero or heroine is fighting, as they do not have time to pray to you or dig up artifacts while they are preoccupied with trying not to be killed. The heroes and heroines respond best if these commands are given to them while they are questing or simply wandering around aimlessly, hopelessly lost.
  On the other hand, while you generally can't do much while your hero or heroine is fighting monsters, they will sometimes respond to your commands if they are given during a duel. Heroes will pray or smite out of turn while they're fighting. 
  There are probably more that I don't know about, but some commands you can give your hero or heroine are these:

Pray: You can type 'Pray' into the box and send, and if your hero or heroine is not busy, and if you get lucky, (as I have found that these commands work about a fifth of the time) then your hero or heroine will pray to you and get you some much-needed godpower back.

Dig: I'm not sure what the best way is to phrase this, but if you type 'Dig' or 'Dig for bricks' while the hero or heroine is not busy, then occasionally they will dig something up out of the ground. I have never seen my heroine dig up a golden brick, but she often digs up bold artifacts.

Examine "Whatever-the-item-is": Sometimes, your hero or heroine will end up with one or several bold items in their inventory. Sometimes, if you tell them to examine this item, then they'll shake something out of it, money or perhaps another artifact. You must type the name of the artifact with double quotes around it, and type the name of the artifact exactly as it is in your hero or heroine's inventory, capitalizing everything that needs to be capitalized and spelling it correctly and all that.

Smite out of turn: This phrase is specifically meant to be used in a duel. In duels, the heroes and heroines have an odd habit of taking turns causing damage to each other, so you can always tell who is going to be hit next. While the attack move information is loading, you can type 'Smite out of turn' when it is the other hero or heroine's turn to attack, and if it works, which you can't bet on, then as well as the rival hero or heroine dealing a blow to yours, your hero or heroine will cause harm to the rival hero or heroine as well, even though it is not their turn to attack.

Cancel your quest: Sometimes, your hero or heroine will go on a quest that you don't want them to complete, such as joining another guild when they are already doing so well in the current one. In a time when the hero or heroine is not busy, you can type in 'Cancel your quest' and they will decide that maybe that quest wasn't so good after all, and they'll find a new quest to embark upon.