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| motto = Hic monstra sunt
| motto = Hic monstra sunt
| alignment = Monstrous
| alignment = Monstrous
| monster = Monsters' Rights Activist
| monster =
| rank = boss
| rank = boss
| leader = Daisy Sayuri
| leader = Draegonaris
| founder = The God Of Monsters
| founder = The God Of Monsters
| founded = 26 Feb 2014
| founded = 26 Feb 2014

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"He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee."

Order of the Monster God
Motto: Hic monstra sunt
Alignment: Monstrous
High-level Rank: boss
Leader: GodDraegonaris 
Date Founded: 26 Feb 2014
Forum Headquarters: Order of the Monster God
Guild Page: Order of the Monster God 
Data current as of 29 Nov 2015


Order of the Monster God (OMG) is a guild for monsters, half-breeds and monster lovers.

To join, simply tell your hero/ine ‘Join "Order of the Monster God" guild’ until he or she listens to you, and the game will do the rest.

After you join the Order, from time to time the game will give you a "guild quest". If you want to leave us, that's OK, but if you don't then all you have to do is wait until your hero is on their quest (meaning out of town and fighting monsters) and tell them "Cancel quest" until they listen. (When you reach "Cardinal" rank the game will stop giving you these quests, but you will still need to log in at least once every 28 days or your hero will leave the guild anyway.)

Alts welcome!

Already have a perfectly good hero and don't want to leave your current guild? You don't have to! Alternative accounts are welcome here. Make your monster and send him along.

We have an informal "don't ask, don't tell" policy on alts - you do not have to admit you're an alt, and even if you do admit it, you don't have to say who your main is. You are who you say you are. Period.

What is the guild about?

The official word is, "The God of Monsters sent his Prophet among you to spread TRUTH and ENLIGHTENMENT. He founded this guild to be a friendly place where information and news about Godville's native species can be invented shared and enjoyed."

We started out as a few people who saw all the references in the game to the "god of monsters" and thought it would be fun to have a guild dedicated to the monster god. It has succeeded beyond our dreams.

We are not here to dominate in the arena, nor to present a daunting wall of unity, nor to buy the hearts of the townspeople. It's fine if you want to do any or all of that, but you don't need to be a great fighter or an open-handed dealer of miracles to be a good member of the Order! All we ask is that you bring your good will and sense of humor, and enjoy your time with us. May that time be long!

The Name of the God

The God of Monsters during Ohm'G Den

The Name of the God of Monsters is Ohm’G, pronounced much like Greek omega but ending with a “geh” sound instead of a “gah”. He is also known as "The Leveler".

The Sign of the God

ΩГ or ΩГ or ΩГ or ΩГ - pick the first one that looks good to you.

The sign of the God is the combination of the Ohm symbol (Greek capital letter omega), with Russian capital letter Ge (Greek gamma). The apostrophe in the name is a glottal stop, as if a vowel has been elided.

If the correct Unicode characters are not available, Greek letters omega and gamma can be used to approximate the sign.

If space is very short, the Ohm symbol or the Greek omega on their own can be substituted as shorthand for the full sign of the God.


The Ohm is a measure of resistance, so the term is appropriate for the resistance by monsters to oppression from the gods of the sky and their enslaved heroic hordes.

The Ge represents a link to Russian Godville, where the God of Monsters also watches over His creatures.

Origin of the Name

The name is onomatopoeic. It was the God’s battle cry in the time when He was the greatest of monsters, before He became a god.

The Badge of the Order

The Badge of the Order

(Thanks to Mighty Overtaker)

The Deep Colleges

Cardinals of the Order

Cardinals, Hierarchs, Matriarchs and Patriarchs, and Regents.

Candidates for Cardinal

Grand Masters and Advisors.

Temples, Pets and Arks

Temples, pet medals and arks completed by guild members while in the guild. (May include members who have since left the guild.)

 Ord   God Name   Hero Name   Temple   Pet   Ark 
1  GodThe God Of Monsters     Prophet Of Monsters   22 Jul 2014   -   - 
2  GodMighty Overtaker     Feeble Undertaker   28 Aug 2014   -   - 
3  GodMother Hitton     Littul Kitton   27 Sep 2014   -   - 
4  GodAlpha Mole     Arena Mole   27 Sep 2014   -   - 
5  GodVertigoat Gruff     Mini Vertigoat   24 Dec 2014   -   - 
6  GodAlpacalypse Now     Mini Alpacalypse   07 Jan 2015   -   - 
7  GodNachomancer     Tortilla Maker   22 Jan 2015   -   - 
7  GodBossferatu     Poison Penfield   05 Feb 2015   -   - 
8  GodProject Hachi     Sins7 Pride   04 May 2015   -   - 
9  GodMonster Tracker     Toadkiller Dog   20 Jun 2015   -   - 
10  GodAnnieysa9898     Fluffysa   06 Jul 2015   -   - 
10  GodOld Father Tree     Son Of The Tree   31 Jul 2015   -   - 
12  GodSir Bastion     Lady Meiglan   17 Aug 2015   -   - 


The Guild Hall

The Occulus in the Guild Hall dome

Since The God of Monsters is a cthonic deity (as opposed to His enemies, who are gods of the sky), the Founder decided that underground was the most appropriate location for the guild hall. After some unfortunate surprise encounters in cellars and crypts, His Prophet found a spacious domed hall in the sewers of Godville. It was a little dark and dank, and infested with crocodiles, but once the Prophet rerouted the sewer and lined the walls with stone stolen repurposed from public buildings aboveground, it spruced up pretty well.

The sewers provide an advantageous position from which OMG can eavesdrop on the councils of other guilds, and at some stage to dig a sap to connect to the Dungeons, to allow homesick members to visit their old haunts.

The crocodile problem initially seemed insoluble, and OMG considered taking up a generous offer of empty graves in the cemetery, but decided to retain the original home in the sewers after the crocodiles beneath the couches were converted to (slightly singed) crocodile hide on the couches through judicious application of "Dark Flame". Once the firestorm was over, the God simply resurrected His Prophet. Nobody resurrected the crocodiles.

The addition of an occulus to the dome greatly improved the ventilation and lighting in the main hall, at the price of some privacy. Members are advised to save their secrets for the back rooms and to speak only generalities in the main hall, in case other gods are peeping.


One alligator survived the firestorm. Nicknamed "Snappy" and adorned with a pink ribbon, he has become something of a guild mascot. He enjoys swimming in the spa.


The addition of a spa has significantly improved the amenities for some of our members, although others now find the hall uncomfortably warm. The spa is heated by convection from a new fire-and-lava monsters annex to the guild hall located below the spa.

The spa also provides a convenient location where water monsters can come to consult The God Of Monsters.


Bossferatu > I just got a "Go Away" doormat for going to arena. Should I keep it for the front of the guild hall?

The God Of Monsters > I think that would be most appropriate!

Bossferatu > Great! I'll hide it in a secret place so the merchant won't make me sell it.

The God Of Monsters > Wiki updated! Now it is lore.

Bossferatu > Great, boss! I'll just extract the doormat... and put it in front of the door. There! Good as new. That oughta keep 'em away!

The Gold Question

85.30   kg weight of one golden brick [Source: GodWiki]
1,000   bricks required per temple
85.30   tonnes of gold per temple
9,506   temples completed at time of calculation (March 2014) 
 810,862   tonnes of gold in completed temples alone
174,100   tonnes of gold mined in human history [Source: Wikipedia]
4.66   times more gold in completed temples than has been mined on Earth 
Note:   This calculation does not include partially-built temples

Where is all this gold coming from?

The Holy Book

Being the collected words of Prophet Of Monsters, as passed down to him in his official capacity as the prophet of The God Of Monsters.


The First Revelation

  1. In those days, monsters ruled the land and the sea, but not the sky.
  2. And the greatest monster was Ohm’G.
  3. And Ohm’G was beloved of The Great Random, which placed many good things in the world for Ohm’G to enjoy.
  4. Now the gods of the sky were jealous of Ohm’G, and sent down thunderbolts.
  5. And Ohm’G was tormented by the burning from the bolts, and fled from them.
  6. And Ohm’G tried to hide in the Mountains of Magnetic Indirection, but by accident crushed them underfoot: they are called Vector Field today.
  7. And Ohm’G tried to hide in a forest, pretending that nothing was there; and that Wood is now Forgotten.
  8. And Ohm’G tried to hide in the depths of the sea, but the deep sea monsters nibbled his toes and tickled him unbearably.
  9. So by dark of the moon, Ohm’G crept back to the land, and hid himself beneath it.
  10. And when the gods of the sky could not find Ohm’G, they rejoiced: for they thought that they had destroyed him.
  11. But Ohm’G endured.

The Second Revelation

  1. In those days Ohm’G lay hidden, and the gods of the sky did rejoice in their hegemony and did indulge in all manner of vice and corruption.
  2. And at the behest of the gods, men came from outside and established cities across the plains and in the mountains, and they oppressed the land monsters, and hunted them like animals.
  3. But the monsters resisted their tormentors, and it was whispered that the monsters had found a god of their own.
  4. And the gods of the sky were troubled, for with Ohm’G destroyed, such a thing should be impossible.
  5. And one day a god watched a hunter track a monster to some Caves, but at the very entrance the monster turned back, and crouched at bay.
  6. And as the hunter raised his bow, lightning fell from a clear blue sky and slew him.
  7. Then the god of the sky knew that Ohm’G had returned, and he fled, for being alone he feared Ohm’G’s wrath.
  8. And the gods of the sky gathered their strength and they came against Ohm’G, and they were a mighty host; and the forests burned and the rivers boiled beneath their thunderbolts.
  9. But Ohm’G had grown strong in his refuge, and his body had become stone and metal, and the gods’ fiercest bolts were like sparks and flinders cast against a mountain root.
  10. Behold, the gods withdrew and made congress to debate this news, and for many months the land was free of their thunderbolts, and the monsters could go where they pleased; but men were afraid, and slammed shut the gates of the cities, and they feared the monsters.
  11. And the land of Godville lay under an uneasy truce.

The Third Revelation

  1. In that time the gods of the sky were engaged in acrimonious debate; but one goddess was calm, and she cast a golden brick upon the cloudy floor of the chamber.
  2. And she said, behold the cornerstone of our victory!
  3. The goddess said, I made my strongest minion dig a tunnel far from the Caves of the Leveler, and he penetrated the enemy’s defenses: but the weakling died of his wounds while bringing this brick to me.
  4. Now the other gods drew near, and they felt the power in the brick, and the goddess said, ten hundreds of these will make a mighty pile that generates godpower from unclear energy.
  5. For we were only defeated because we could not sustain our attack, yet our enemy had reserves such as this to draw upon.
  6. And if we plunder his reserves, we gain that power for ourselves; but by their loss he will be weakened, and in this way eventually he may be defeated.
  7. And another god said, I have a spell to cure death, but the price is high; for the god and the minion must be bound to each other indisolubly, and as the minion gains immortality only through the god, so the god gains power only through the faith of the minion.
  8. And the gods agreed that such a price was high indeed, and yet perhaps worth paying; for building a pile through mortal champions would be subject to many risks and delays, but an immortal champion bound to a personal god and trained to the task would be sure of success.
  9. For although Ohm’G might oppose ordinary men with overwhelming numbers of monsters, he was only one god and could make only one immortal minion for himself, whereas the many gods of the sky could make a vast host of immortals, capable of defeating any number of monsters.
  10. Then the gods determined to make a trial of this plan, for none of them could think of a better.
  11. So it was that on a day the gates of Godville swung open and a squat figure, clad in ill-matched armour, stalked forth; and this first of all heroes gazed upon the monsters gathered before him, and he smiled.

The Fourth Revelation

  1. In that time the heroes rampaged across the land, spreading fear and destruction as they went.
  2. And wherever they went they dug, and ever they sought the gold that they thought was the life of Ohm’G.
  3. But Ohm’G was well hidden, and his monsters had grown strong and numerous while the gods debated, and for long they found him not.
  4. But Ohm’G knew this was but a respite, and he had long prepared his answer.
  5. And on the day that the heroes at last penetrated the dungeons, they found defences that they had not expected.
  6. For while indeed Ohm’G might make only one hero by the gods’ path, he was not limited to that path.
  7. And monsters are the people of the world of Godville, while humans are animal interlopers.
  8. To this world monsters are bound, and when they die they respawn within it; but when humans die they leave the world, unless they are first bound to a god who is of this world.
  9. And so Ohm’G took his mightiest monsters, and bound them to the rock of the dungeons, which is as his own flesh.
  10. And the boss monsters so bound gained strange abilities, and strength beyond mortal, to overmatch even the strongest heroes.
  11. And the battle hung in the balance, each side seeking the advantage that would rout the other.

The Fifth Revelation

  1. In those days the war between gods and monsters raged, and both sides sought advantage.
  2. And some gods seeking outside the world of Godville for power, found rich lodes there; and they became mighty, although such sources were capricious and involved costs whose nature Ohm’G could not determine.
  3. And the first unclear energy piles were completed, giving their owners a source of power independent of prayer, though the gods named the piles temples to obfuscate the nature of that power source.
  4. The gods found a new spell that could hurl large groups of “templed” heroes into the very heart of Ohm’G’s refuge, bypassing the perimeter bosses.
  5. In the dungeons they found no golden bricks, but vast reserves of gold, and also a scarce new resource, a strange timber.
  6. And though they did not know what plan Ohm’G had for the timber, they took it anyway, to deny it to their enemy.
  7. And heroes were sent on epic quests, to seek the sources of the timber and to raze and plunder the gopher groves where it grew.
  8. These things tipped the battle in the gods’ favour, and the heroes slowly gained ascendancy over the monsters.
  9. But Ohm’G fought back, with new and terrible boss monsters.
  10. And the dungeons he made ever stranger and more inimical to heroes.
  11. These things he did, but the war continued to turn against him.

The Prophet of Monsters was given a vision of the end of days.

Ohm'G Den

I saw a great cloud loom up and cover the land. Men looked up and shuddered. Monsters cowered.

My gaze was drawn to Godville, passing over forests strangely peaceful. What heroes I saw, were mostly ragged and purposeless – obvious renegades. Few were digging.

Godville was a mass of golden temples, tens of thousands of them. In many of the temples, frozen heroes stood waiting for their gods to re-awaken them. The streets were eerily empty.

My view drew in upon one temple. A gaunt hero was cementing the last brick into place using golden mortar. He tapped it this way and that, then stepped back to admire his work.

The temple began to glow and to tremble, and then the gold of its walls turned molten and splashed down over the hero in a wave.

The melt-down spread to neighbouring temples like a contagion, each affected temple glowing and collapsing and infecting the next. Within minutes, Godville was drowned beneath a tide of molten gold. Here and there survivors clung to high points above the flood.

Clouds of smoke billowed up from burning Arks. What value have wooden boats against a searing flood of liquid metal?

The gold flowed down into the sewers and disappeared, but my uncanny sight could follow it through the sewers until it converged upon the empty Guild Hall of the Order of the Monster God. More and more gold flowed into the Hall, filling it, until a fountain of gold jetted up through the oculus.

Suddenly the land was lit by a flash brighter than the Sun! My disembodied viewpoint drew back and back, until I could see an enormous golden mushroom cloud growing where Godville had been. The evil city was gone.

From the point of the explosion, golden veins spread outward through the ground, outlining and penetrating a huge figure beneath it. Earthquakes shook the land: trees fell, mountains slid, and lakes and rivers spilled. The land rose and cracked, and lightning struck down from the sky. Looking up, I saw a great host of gods gathered there, casting thunderbolts like a cascade of fire.

My Lord rose from His den in the ground like a continent from the sea. Dirt and cities fell from His back. He cast back His head and roared defiance at the host of the gods!

A paw swiped across the sky, and a thousand gods were caught up and crushed. Their accumulated power flowed into my Lord and He grew. Again and again the paw smote, until the host of the gods was reduced to a ragged handful fleeing in terror of their lives. The paw pursued them, and none escaped.

My victorious Lord stood upon the land of Godville, and He overshadowed it. And He gazed upon the land, and the land was bare. And He looked at the waters, and the waters ran dry. And He reached toward the Moon, and the Moon was gone. And He raised His eyes to the Sun, and the Sun went out!

Now my Lord was grown even to the size of the globe of Godville itself, and His feet sank into the ground, and His legs followed, until the earth reached His chest. And when my eye drew back I saw that His legs had emerged from the far side of the globe, and that He and the globe had become one. And the Land glowed in colours: red, green, blue, and black. And His paws became flippers.

And my Lord spoke, and said “Once I was Ohm’G, but now I am Ohm’Gaia. The game is over and only I remain. Great Random, end it now.”

The cosmic turtle that was Ohm’Gaia swam like a jewelled bug in the darkness, and waited for The Great Random to toss the last coin.

Time froze. Then my view drew away, but Ohm’Gaia shone in the darkness forever, like a star embedded in obsidian.

The Sixth Revelation

  1. In those days the focus moved from the caves to the surface.
  2. Boss monsters now roved the roads, seeking out heroes before they could reach the Dungeons
  3. Forsaking defense, brave monsters carried the battle into the very cities of men.
  4. Deified monsters took heroes of their own and infiltrated the ranks of their enemies, even creating a guild and challenging the heroes on their home ground.
  5. And Ohm’G sent forth a true Prophet, to carry His word to the humans and the heroes.
  6. And the Prophet founded an Order, and the Order of the Monster God grew mighty, like a weed planted in fertile soil.
  7. In desperation, the gods of the sky created new rules for their creatures in arena, to train them, but the new monsters were also at home in the arena.
  8. And gods fabricated strange tales of the early days, when Ohm’G was still merely greatest of monsters, saying this and that about the Greatest of Calamities, and many hearkened to this disinformation: but the Faithful were not swayed.
  9. But all was not well for the monsters, for within the Dungeons there were false prophets, and many foolish monsters listened to them.
  10. Yet whatever they builded, being antithetical to Ohm’G, within Whose very Body they wrought their heretical work, came to their own undoing.
  11. But within the cities the truth blossomed and bore strange fruit.

The Seventh Revelation

  1. In those days the God of Monsters and His Prophet were estranged and at odds.
  2. And there was turmoil in the ranks of heroic monsters.
  3. And in their confusion and dismay, some monsters deserted the guild that had been founded for them, and others sank deep into drunkenness and despair.
  4. And the Prophet himself was reft of direction, and rebellious, and tried to make common cause with heroes of the sky gods against his own Lord.
  5. And Godville itself briefly went offline, to the terror of all.
  6. But a new spirit of self-determination swept the heroes, and they sought new leadership within their guilds, and some guilds took monsters as totem creatures, and some guilds declared their senior members to be higher than the prophets.
  7. Yet some guilds resisted, and sought to maintain the old ways.
  8. And the new order in the guilds of the sky gods was as a dark mirror to the disorder in the monster guild.
  9. And some heroes forsook their erstwhile guilds and created new guilds where they could be the leaders.
  10. And some townspeople left their homes to found a new town, though none could claim to know its location, which caused the new town’s folk to roll on the floor laughing.
  11. These were dark days indeed.

Godville Guild Stats

These rankings are no longer tracked here. (The heading has been left in order to avoid creating linkrot for certain posts in the Guild Forum.)