Orc of the Covenant

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Monsters of Godville
Orc of the Covenant
Class Orc
Habitat Forests, and the backs of cupboards
Description A rejected orc.

The Orc of the Covenant is a particularly small and ugly orc who was rejected by his tribe and given to another orc tribe as a dowry in the wedding of Prince D'orc and Princess Sheas D'Ugly-One. As an unwanted gift, The Orc of the Covenant spent 109 years in a box at the back of the cupboard untill Prince D'orc ran out of space. Prince D'orc then donated him to the D'orc Onium Museum.

The D'orc Onium Museum realized the terrible burden that had been placed upon them and "lost" the Orc of the Covenant in a poker bet with the Department of C'orc Bottles. They were not amused. Feeling he had no other option, to save face and reputation, the minister for C'orc Bottles drove his cart into a minefield and the Orc of the Covenant was distributed evenly over the land of Godville for all to find.