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Oppadoppagiggly Guild is a guild of Hardcore War of Evil. People used to say that Oppadoppagiggly guild is a guild of honor and trust but we killed and slayed and most of us died so, we took revenge and became evil. Long ago before the war even started, one of us is already evil. The evil one is called Ulfric War-Bear which is also the clan leader. Even though Ulfric is evil he also cares for his friends who are not annoying. This guild is created because Ulfric was low on friends but, he also killed his friends for power. Ulfric is not good at friendship but he was good for war, there was a time when he was lazy and had hatred for war but he got punished by his god named Falerin.

Ulfric became evil because:

One day Ulfric was still cruel but not PURE EVIL so, one night when Ulfric was still asleep he got punished 300 times so, when he woke up he was already PURE EVIL.