Opinion pole

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Artifacts of Godville
Opinion pole
Type 🧷Normal
Description the way to sway opinions

This is an ancient device of mind control from the days of the Kraktor War. Hereby we detail three myths that show it's history and powers.

The Weaver

The ancient Egoptians drawn many a myth in their magnanimous wall paintings. One of them was that of the Weaver, a richly dressed figure who held an odd staff from which emerged threads that tied to the crowd's necks. Later the Weaver walks them in a battle formation towards a tall city, and there a long forgotten hero takes them down with an arrow guided by the gods unto the heart of the Weaver, thus liberating the enthralled villagers. The Egoptians themselves already knew this story, hinting that it could be older than them and we now know that it was. Since this is a myth from the era of the Kraktor War where two wildly developed cities fought each other into oblivion to control the river. Studies about the subject discovered that indeed there were portable mind control devices that were employed to recruit and command soldiers. These are the opinion poles, massive metal rods with the capacity to manipulate the thoughts of anyone surrounding the user. When activated, the pole will absorb the thoughts of the people around and send back a single intrusive idea that will appeal to each and all who receive it. This way the victims of the pole are controlled without their knowledge and even under the impression that they've acted completely on their own.

The Pied Piper

Long after the war, the poles and their owners became lost to time and while the latter were never found again the former were unearthed by farmer and miners from time to time. One of these finders would become the renowned Pied Piper. As the legend goes Godville (Los Adminos or even Deville sources vary) was besieged by a horde of rats who ran around devouring everything edible.