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Open Bar
Motto: The bar is open!
Alignment: Neutral
Gold Fund: 20,000 c.u.
Date Founded: 10-2-11
Town with Greatest Influence: Tradeburg (1%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 154
Forum Headquarters: Open Bar
Guild Page: Open Bar 
Data current as of October 3rd 2011

The Bars conquest

"What do I do with all this Temple money? Open a place where folks can get drunk."

It was once just an abandoned shack in the middle of Godville, which was due to be torn down, but it came in a dream to King Jared, who, after much hard work transformed it into a magnificent bar. On day 501 g.e., he threw open the doors to his fellow Gods and declared the bar open. Soon after, he was joined by his close friends and fellow Temple owners, Little Ghost and Deprivus and alongside them, King Jared could usually be found pouring drinks and chatting to their many friends.

The three friends were amongst some of the oldest, toughest and most confused gods in Godville (particularly Little Ghost). They came together at Open Bar to relax, have a good time and play beer pong. King Jared, being not only the founder of the guild, was also the master of Mixology (when not fighting in the arena), and Captain of the Cocktails. Little Ghost’s designated role as Chief Greeter, was unanimously agreed after several rather disastrous attempts at cocktail mixing. Deprivus, well renowned for always looking for the bathroom key after drinking, keeps the fun rolling and makes the Bar an enjoyable place to visit with his frequent Karaoke evenings.

If you are looking for a place to just hang out, stop by the Open Bar and take it easy. Pure Evil, Pure Good, we serve all. No judgement will be passed here.

To join us, just send your Hero a voice command, while out of town, stating, Join the “Open Bar” guild

If your Hero decides that he wishes to leave, a voice command with the words ‘’cancel quest’’ will usually encourage him to stay, although he may need to be told this many times. Once you are a member of Open Bar, please try to invite Little Ghost or Deprivus as a friend. They are both temple owners with a vast knowledge of the game and would be more than willing to help however they can.

House Specials

  • Woke Up Knocked Up- This curious beverage has been used in many hero mating festivals, and increases the tendency to reproduce dramatically, tending to wipe the consumers memory of what they had got up to the night before. Warning Open Bar takes no responsibility on any godlings produced whilst the consumer is under the influence of this drink.
  • Double Dragon Whiskey- A strong fiery alcohol, said to be brewed using only the power of dragon fire giving this drink it's famous burning sensation.
  • Red Panda Sunrise,
  • Captain Obvious Spiked Rum,
  • Antihero's Tears,
  • Biowolf's Mystery- This eerie haunting drink gives off a faint radioactive glow when in darkness, which grows increasingly bright during a full moon. Warning drinkers may feel slightly wolffish after consumption.
  • Sun Dog's Suds,
  • The Legend's Tonic,
  • Gladiator's Victory- A drink mainly reserved for after fight celebrations, this drink contains a medium strength alcohol mixed with the blood of the defeated opponent. Warning not for the faint hearted.
  • God Power's Brother,
  • Fire Fox's Blaze,
  • Glowing Fairy Surprise- Somewhat of a novelty drink, made from the tears of fairies that have fermented into alcohol. This drink comes complete with partially drowned fairy which gives off a startlingly beautiful glow, perfect for any god out for a fun night out.
  • Knighty Knight Tea- a drink for the more discerning god, a light alcohol mixed with an intoxicatingly aromatic tea from the tea fields of Godville.
  • Passed Out Naked- This drink is usually served as a practical joke or to an enemy god. The drink is made from an powerful firewater, which has been sluiced straight from the great fire caverns of Dogville. This drink makes the consumer become unbearably hot forcing them to remove ALL items of clothing, the consumer will wake up the next morning with a splitting headache, dehydration and completely memory loss of the night before. Warning Open Bar takes no responsibility over the actions of the consumer. Satisfaction guaranteed for the prankster and blindfolds supplied for non-drinkers so they are not blinded by the nakedness of the god in question.


Bar Owners

Member List

All active members of our guild will be named here. If you would like to be added and haven't been already, please contact *GodKing Jared  *GodLittle Ghost  or *GodDeprivus 

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