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| motto =Ohtari !
| motto =Ohtari !
| alignment = Humane
| alignment = Brite
| number = 191
| number = 191
| gold = 31081
| gold = 31081

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Motto: Ohtari !
Alignment: Brite
Gold Fund: 31081 c.u.
Membership Count: 191
Guild Page: Ohtari 

Ohtari is a peaceful guild of like-minded people. We strive to do good in the world of Godville without coming across as self-righteous jerks.

~~How To Join~~

To join the awesome guild of Ohtari, simply repeat the following command to your hero until they listen to you:

    Join "Ohtari" guild

Knowing your hero though, they'll undoubtedly wander off elsewhere and try to destroy their hard earned rank at the guild. If you notice the guild changing quest just command them to:

    Cancel quest

Note that it will probably take quite a few tries until they listen to you, and even then only when they're not in a town or fighting.

Prufax was here.

Filthy McNasty was here.


Sparkoflife wuz also hear two!!

"Give me your gold bricks!!"