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The Octobear: The origins of the octobear are at earliest record 1952. It was discovered after the close incident of Roswell, Godville. Do the two coincide? That question is yours to answer. The octobear is a hideous creature. Having the slime of an octopus and its 8 legs and vicious suckers yet it strongly resembles the form of a grizzly bear. The monster can be detected of distances up to 1/4 mile away(if you're downwind) by the smell of bacon it permeates from the slime upon its body. Little else is known of this creature for few have survived an encounter. Even fewer walked away with thier mouths still attached for the Octobear likes to suck its victim's mouths off. Recent study has proved that these creatures are extremely stupid and can be confused easily by doing the Humpty Dumpty dance. Further study has proven that this must be because Bacon goes great with eggs. If you can pull this breakfast off, you may live and not become toast.