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* Too many legs — easy to trip, difficult to groom its claws
* Too many legs — easy to trip, difficult to groom its claws
* Syncopated rhythms
* Syncopated rhythms
* Big mouth

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Pets of Godville
Ursus octum
Class Mammal
Habitat High grounds of the lower sea
Description Giant furry ball of claws
Tame at levels 93-119
Feature Sailing

The OctoBear (Ursus octum) is a tamable monster with sailing abilities.


The first mentions of the OctoBear are written records from 1952 g.e. It was discovered shortly after the Bosswell Incident when a scientific experiment to breed a hybrid of war rumoured to had gone wrong.[1] Do these two coincide? That question is yours to answer.

!Hero's Diary
12:09: The OctoBear tried to convince me that slaying it would fracture the space-time continuum... I knew it was bluffing. Got 21 gold coins....


The OctoBear strongly resembles a grizzly bear but has water-repellent fur and eight slightly awkward legs. Extra legs give it a great advantage while sailing with its master because in contrast with other bears it doesn't scribble and scrabble around on the deck while the ark pitches and rolls.


Very little is known about the behaviour of the OctoBear in the wild since it usually spends a lot of its life in water. It is rumoured that it hunts by drowning its prey, grabbing the victim with six of its legs and treading water with the other two.[2]

When tamed, the OctoBear enjoys going sailing with its hero and they often jump into the sea to scout ahead and report back.[3]


  • Can run really fast if it can coordinate all of its legs
  • Water and beer spill resistant
  • Great balance on ships (unlike other bears)
  • Strong swimmer


  • Too many legs — easy to trip, difficult to groom its claws
  • Syncopated rhythms
  • Big mouth


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