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As you can see, our methods for finding a suitable place for a drink are quite refined :)
As you can see, our methods for finding a suitable place for a drink are quite refined :)
{{sign|title=DLC required|text=To see premium content, you have to buy a very cheap DLC at the price of 119,99$. Check our store!}}
{{sign|title=DLC required|text=To see premium content, you have to buy a very cheap DLC at the price of 119,99€. Check our store!}}

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Ober Tour And Travel
1Guild Logo.gif
Motto: Tavernwise, Travelwise! (Symbol: ∆)
Alignment: Beer-centric
Membership Count: under 100
Town with Greatest Influence: Beerburgh (3[1]%)
Guild Page: Ober Tour And Travel 
Data current as of 2244 g.e.

Short: OTAT - a guild, as all evidence and eye-witnesses claim.


The name of our founding father[2] is covered by Mist of Intoxication, although the Legend explains, that once upon a time in a place called Beerburgh was a hero[3] who during the glorious moment of Consumption realized how hard it was to get a good drink these days. Then, after passing through several hardships the Founder managed to accomplish the task he was instructed by his God. And, dear random reader, this is how our reverend guild started its never ending struggle to make heroes' life more enjoyable.

The Headquarters of the Ober Tour And Travel guild.[4]

Why should you join?

To serve and protect!
Oh wait, this one's copyrighted, isn't it? Nevermind.

Are you short on time and money?
Are you thirsty of new adventures and beer?
Do you have a strong desire to gather gold and then spend it all on The Golden Liquid?
Is your favorite town called Beerburgh?
Are you a hero?

If you answered "yes" at least once, this is a place for you!

Our highly trained mercenaries never fail on battlefield!
Our mercenaries know all taverns across Godville!
Our mercenaries are well paid![5]
Our mercenaries are potentially the best wanderers, for their beer bellies act as a countermeasure to long-term dehydration!

"Hey, STOP RIGHT HERE, Mr Author! Who do you think we are to believe this propaganda?!"
Oh no, please! I've been paid to write it. After all, who would like to read 'bout a bunch of drunken, violent, room-temperature IQ "heroes", whose greatest achievements are drinking 50 beer mugs in a row? Highly unoriginal, to say the least.
So, take a seat, again, and let me finish what I started.

All right. Where were we? Ah yes, you should join us, for we are the best![6]

Just in case, grab a small tip:


Specific instructions for joining a guild and many other actions may be found in Godwiki under "Voice of God".

At level 12 you may join a guild. If you are on a quest when you become eligible, you might consider finishing out your current quest so you don't lose the experience points you would gain from it's completion. Best moment to make your hero listen is while s/he's outside town and idle [7]. When ready to join the guild, you may give the voice command below: [8]

Mortal, immediately join "Ober Tour And Travel" guild for my pleasure!
— God of a happy Hero


Once your Hero/ine listens, it will appear in a new line in His/Her Diary. Also, you can see that the quest has begun under Hero tab[9]. It sometimes takes several attempts to get the Hero/ine to listen so patience is advised. 

Join our legions!

We have the honor to present you the Ober Beer!

An ULTIMATELY ALL-POWERFULL mix of rum, vodka and coca-cola (highly protected secret). Brace yourselves, for it gives kicks like hell!
Our courageous scientists were working on that baby days and nights to satisfy even the most fussy heroes! That's right, no more too weak beverages! Take a sip of Ober Beer and I promise you that the next morning you will wake up at the Russian side of Godville!

Heroes' voice

Those, who were first: Left, Britt-Bratt; Champion of the God Austin-poo. Center: Jack Frosticon; Champion of the God Falsakhar; Right: Dire-Wolf; Champion of the God GrandpaDragon
I was just created, existing all alone in this world. Through all the sands i walked, beating beasts one by one while ignoring my health. I tripped and fell, and gave up all hope. With no companions, i was sure i'd perish alone. Then i saw Terence Tullius. He offered me his hand and pulled me up. He then told me, "Why not join my guild?" The members of the guild welcomed me, and i felt, for the first time, the warmth of friendship.

Too dramatic? Too long?
Deal with it, bruh.
— Champion of the goddess GodLatte Macchiato 
I've been a member of this guild for more than 10 months and it's awesome. I really like to be here, because there's this hero - Terence Tullius' his name - who likes to clean my pet! Saving me some more spare time to do my quest! :P
— Champion of the god GodFalsakhar 
As one of the newer members, I am still finding my place in the guild. I have been through countless encounters with many of my fellow guild members and still find myself at odds with finding a purpose that I am exceptionally fit for. There have been ups and downs in my search for my calling, but throughout it all, the OTAT members have been amazingly supportive. That, I believe, is the best part of it. They are my friends, and they accept me for my oddities and wackiness. I'd go as far as to say they are my family. My misfit family. I've always wanted a Grandpa. I have one in OTAT xD.
— Champion of the god GodThor the Thot 
I joined OTAT after hearing about the ober beer, and have made great drinking buddies ever since joining :) our friday bbq's are my favorite nights to drink with my wonderful friends at OTAT!
— Champion of the god GodMoose222 
So... I'm a high ranking member in the guild... Mainly because most of the people above me just dropped out.

I like the guild I'm in... And that's saying something :-P The members are kind and, importantly, active. We share laughs and beer of course (But seriously don't ever visit during happy hours, it's a bloody nightmare).

Overall, good place to be, I'm happy to be here :-)
— Champion of the god GodGrandpaDragon 
See: Legend below

Here is the list of the Heroes and their Gods from the picture above.

1.GodLatte Macchiato  - Heroine Luna Moneartte, Royal Knight

2.GodPhexides  - Hero Terence Tullius, Mage

3.GodGrandpaDragon  - Hero Dire-Wolf, Berserker

4.GodFalsakhar  - Hero Jack Frosticon, Assassin

5.GodAustie-Poo  - Heroine Britt-Bratt, Healer

6.GodJennarg420  - Heroine Asuna420, Paladin

7.GodMoose222  - Hero Brandon222, Tank Warrior

8.GodReindeer  - Hero Tree Squirrels, Mechabot

Some other cool things

!Tavern detection device
My weapon is glowing blue. A tavern must be nearby.

As you can see, our methods for finding a suitable place for a drink are quite refined :)

Important.pngDLC required
To see premium content, you have to buy a very cheap DLC at the price of 119,99€. Check our store!



  1. The biggest ever... yet.
  2. Or fathers, or mother/s. We actually don't know.
  3. or heroine...
  4. Question: "Why it's so blurry?!" ; Answer: "Our grand artist was drunken during painting it, duh. No more stupid questions from now on, OK?
  5. Disclaimer: Reaching high rank required. Cannon fodders get nothing except for potentially lethal injuries. We warned you.
  6. Disclaimer: Opinions may vary
  7. Not fighting or resting under a tree
  8. You may even copy and paste the phrase to be sure it is entered correctly.
  9. Quest will look like: Become the NNth member of the "Ober Tour And Travel" guild