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{{construction|This article will be completely (more or less) rewritten. Contact {{god|Phexides}} for additional informations.}}
{{construction|This article will be completely (more or less) rewritten. Contact {{god|Phexides}} for additional informations.SHOULD BE DONE TO THE END OF THIS MONTH}}

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This article is the target of an editor's creative exploration.
Their message is: This article will be completely (more or less) rewritten. Contact GodPhexides  for additional informations.SHOULD BE DONE TO THE END OF THIS MONTH
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Ober Tour And Travel
1Guild Logo.gif
Motto: Jump over the cliff!
Alignment: Neutral
Guild Page: Ober Tour And Travel 

The Guild Ober Tour & Travel is a Community of Travellers, Adventurers, Artifact-Hunters and Tourists. Well not all of us are born fighters but we try to keep ourselves individuals! So many stories and experiences are gathered and told in our guild and we are proud to tell these stories to our grand children!

Young spirits of adventurers are pretty welcome!

We've got our collectors who keep artifacts we've found in the guild's museum! We rock!

The Headquarters of the guild Ober And Travel! Every Weekend, we participate a grill party event and Firework night!


Our Souls and morale are untouchable and we will die with a weapon in our hands and with blood covering our bodies. We are fighters, fighting for our paths we are going! We are prayers, the worshippers of the ideal Omnipotent beings in heaven! Wide over the earth shall the banner of Ober Tour And Travel Guild drift away! Long Live Ober Tour And Travel!

Ober Tour And Travel Warriors

The Guild Oracles

Since the guild members themselves don't really know the origins of the guild, some of them participate to be kind of unofficially Invigilators of the guild because this community somehow needs to be taken care. A guild without leader and where the members are scattered in the world of Godville is now watched by 3 heroes, the most active members of the guild. They call themselves the "Guild Oracles". They mostly manage discussions of the Guild Council in the Headquarters.

  • GodFalsakhar  - The first Guild Oracle with the Hero Jack Frosticon
  • GodGrandpaDragon  - The second Guild Oracle with the Hero Dire-Wolf
  • GodAustie-poo  - The third Guild Oracle with the Heroine Britt-Bratt
The Guild Oracles: Left, Britt-Bratt; Champion of the God Austin-poo. Center: Jack Frosticon; Champion of the God Falsakhar; Right: Dire-Wolf; Champion of the God GrandpaDragon

Guild Members of the 1st Era

These are the first heroes and heroines, who have been active in the Guild Council at the Headquarters lately, congratulations guys!

Gods of the heroes, from left to the right:Latte Macchiato;Phexides;GrandpaDragon;Falsakhar;Austie-Poo;Jennarg420;Moose222;Reindeer

Here is the list of the Heroes and their Gods from the picture above.

1.*GodLatte Macchiato  - Heroine Luna Moneartte, Royal Knight

2.*GodPhexides  - Hero Terence Tullius, Mage

3.*GodGrandpaDragon  - Hero Dire-Wolf, Berserker

4.*GodFalsakhar  - Hero Jack Frosticon, Assassin

5.*GodAustie-Poo  - Heroine Britt-Bratt, Healer

6.*GodJennarg420  - Heroine Asuna420, Paladin

7.*GodMoose222  - Hero Brandon222, Tank Warrior

8.*GodReindeer  - Hero Tree Squirrels, Mechabot