Oasis of Deadman's Hand

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One of the most haunted places in all of Godville, the Oasis of Deadman's Hand is downright evil. The land is a sickly green, filled with waste and a disturbing number of human skeletons. The land is essentially a swamp covered in deadly toxic water. The plant life is poisonous and the beasts are ravenous. No humans ever go there without a friend as a security measure. And those who dare venture alone in the humid area are packed to the brim with supplies for the long journey across the terrain.


Remnants of the lone man.

The Oasis was first discovered by a lone man and his best friend's hand. The two had been travelling for ages across the desert in search of a legendary Fountain of Youth after leaving Los Demonos. They wandered in circles day after day after day, in desperate search of water. They had lost their map after an encounter with an unexpectedly vicious turtle and had nearly used up all their resources. Once they finally found a cave, the two were attacked by monsters. After a brutal fight, only one survived. The second man took what was left of his best friend, a left hand, and proceeded with the journey. He knew it was his friend's last wish: to find that long sought after Fountain. After weeks of searching, the lone man found what appeared to be an oasis. It was only a mirage. The man rushed to it at an incredible speed. He drank and drank until he died from the poison water. The dead hand floated to the surface, rotten and deformed. From that day on, no one has gone anywhere near the swamp lake.


The Oasis is located south of the Limestone Labyrinth. As mentioned before, everything is green, warning Heroes of the toxins found in everything there. Plant life surrounds the swamp as far as the eye can see. These blend in with the environment and attack with stealth. No one should eat or drink what is found in the swamp. Heroes should have a week's supply of food and pets should be in the master's arms or on a short leash.