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Why do kittens exist? To mew or not to mew? Is there anything cuter than a fluffy kitten playing with brightly colored yarn? These are the questions that tug at the hearts of humanity and give us shared meaning and purpose. Join our guild if you are a true philosopher who wishes to search for the purr-pose of life with others and share in the wisdom and mystique that is kitten.

This history was written by Fangora who worships the almighty God Fishdog. Please friend me and let's be b.f.f.'s!

70% of the time, if you join OMGKittensMewMewMew, you find golden bricks every time.

In order to maintain unity in our pantheons we must friend each other! Please take the time to pet a kitty and friend a fellow member. To find members, click the Unity Pantheon, click on OMGkittensMewMewMew, and a list will appear underneath with fellow kitty recruits.

If you are a proud member, list your info below:

Name: Fangora God: Fishdog

Name: SirWutang Goddess: judgymcjudgerson

Name: Maylinn Goddess: PrettyOdd

Name: Sir Pinky God: Panastorm