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| description = ruffled coats and feathered hats
| description = ruffled coats and feathered hats
| habitat = morgues and cemeteries  
| habitat = morgues and cemeteries  
| strong = y

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Notary of Death
Notarius mortem
Strong Monster
Class Cleric
Habitat morgues and cemeteries
Description ruffled coats and feathered hats

The Notary of Death (Notarius mortem) is a minor demon, always seen in the Cleric form. This particular sub-demon takes nourishment from the demise of those around, always attending the death of Dukes and Princes and Heroes.

Although a tragic creature, it is still rather powerful and foreboding, with the stench of death surrounding it wherever it goes. Take care not to engage it in casual conversation, as your every word will be marked and weighed and stored away for future reference on Doomsday.



  • Well read and very literate, with the ability to tie up most Heroes in red tape and tongue twisters
  • Wields a pen that is mightier than the sword.


  • Wears no armor other than a padding of notarised death notices
  • Doesn't get out of the office much, and is susceptible to combat skills such as Seasickness

In the Godville Times

!As seen in the Weekend Godville #886 ; Day 1133 g.e.
A sneaky Notary of Death crept into the Herolympus mayor’s home and stole a family portrait. Proof of punishment of this villain can be exchanged for 1700 gold coins.

Field Notes

The Notary of Death will appear on some battlefields, especially at the death of a Noble Hero.
For those Heroes who die in bed, the shame is great. This sad event is always notarised by this minor demon.