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Artifacts of Godville
Non-stop watch
Type Unknown
Description Unknown

The Non-Stop Watch is a controversial artifact that a heroine traveling through Godville long enough is sure to aquire by defeating monsters encountered during quests.

The controversy stems from the age old debate regarding this items usefulness. No citizen of Godville really knows the truth of when the debate of its usefulness really started but each and every one of them will gladly share with heroines their feelings on the matter as well as be more than willing to argue their side should others feelings on the matter contradict theirs.

Despite the fact that the Non-Stop Watch keeps time in much the same way as any other watch, the difference between it and other watches can only be discovered after the watch strikes 12:59 for its newest owner. A short time afterwards, actually exactly 1 minute later, the Non-Stop Watch will strike 13:00 and will continue from that point forward until eternity or until the watch has a new owner which results in the whole process starting all over again.

The highest time ever officially recorded on a Non-Stop Watch was recorded by the hero, DarndestThang, in a tavern in Dogville on November 5th,1982. The official time reflected on his watch was 16462:19.

This attribute alone is what has led to the debates concerning the Non-Stop Watch's usefulness. For it is well known to all that every Godville Hero is absolutely terrible at math and therefore the Non-Stop Watch is considered useless by many citizens simply because math must be used to get any useful information from it.

Whereas the other half of the people disagree with that assessment and feel that although the Non-Stop Watch is useless as far as keeping time, it is still of use to it's owner as a stylish wrist decoration for any who enjoy "looking sharp".

So, now that you know the rest of the story, how do you feel about the Non-Stop Watch? Feel free to take the utterly pointless poll conducted by the same people that brought you all those reliable polls during the 2016 U.S. Presidential campaign and always remember to support your local government, or maybe anarchist if that's what you're into.