Nine Inch Snail

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Monsters of Godville
Nine Inch Snail
Class Gastropod
Habitat Wetlands
Description A very large snail

The Nine Inch Snail (Cochlea novem) is a monster of little threat to heroes. They usually attack the hero from the left side. If the hero is strong at the time of battle, the Nine Inch Snail is not to anything to worry about, but if the hero is low in strength try giving them a boost. Over all the Snail is not a danger. Just try to keep your left side defended. Sometimes, one can hear a Nine Inch Snail moments before it strikes. Survivors have reported that the sounds are distinctly that of the Nine Inch Snails' top songs including: "March of the Snails", "Shell like a hole", "The Salvitory Duct That Feeds", and "The Perfect Slug".

A side note: The Nine Inch Snail was originally known as the Twenty-Two Point Sixty-Eight Centimeter Snail by its discoverer who obviously had a devotion to the metric system. It was from only after much persuasion from his colleagues, that he eventually agreed that the name Nine Inch Snail had a much better ring to it.


  • Ability to sell out concerts in the Godville arena
  • Channelling its anger into defeating slow Heroes
  • Hiding in its inconspicuous shell


  • SALT
  • Slow to deploy its jet, enabling the fleet footed to flee
  • Easily evaded if attacking a hero from the right side