New Times Roman

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Monsters of Godville
New Times Roman
Class Soldier
Habitat Any landmass in Godville
Description An ancient professional soldier caught up in the new modern Godville times

The New Times Roman (Romanus novus tempus) is a monster. It is a Roman legion soldier who has found his way to Godville but is erroneously labeled as a monster because of a lack of a god in Godville.


A very capable soldier back in the day, the New Times Roman is part of a highly successful Roman legion whose tactics have overwhelmed much of the enemies they were facing in the past. He was comparable to other Roman legionaries who were tough, professional troops with good armor and superb weapons. He is disciplined, obedient and tactically flexible. He wears flexible banded armor with very good quality, as is the rest of his gear, like a metal helmet and a large curved shield. He also has two throwing spears and a short stabbing sword. His gear, even in the new modern times in Godville, is the cause of envy of many heroes who wish to kill it for its gear as well as for its gold coins and artifact.


It was a quiet day. The New Times Roman and his fellow soldiers were marching towards camp, they were ambushed by a disc-shaped object that flew way above their heads and immobilized them in an encompassing ray of light. This light ray lifted them up to the disc-shaped object wherein they were knocked unconscious. The object then flew away with the soldiers in it.

He woke up near the capital of Godville in a grassy area, wherein he heard the noises that were being made in the Arena. This sound was very familiar to him, even if he was in a strange place he would soon learn as being called Godville. He followed the directions of the sound, soon finding himself inside the arena facing a hero. The hero took one look at him, and at once pointed at him accusingly, screaming "This one is NOT a hero, it is a monster! He has no god! Send him to his fellow monsters!" The crowd cheered at the hero while also insulting the New Times Roman for not having a god and being a monster, throwing rotten tomatoes and other rejected produce to him. The New Times Roman left the arena sadly, walking away from the arena all the way towards the keeping area for Monsters. There he stayed, building up his anger at the Heroes for treating him badly in the arena.

He eventually left to look for heroes to hunt down. For him they are unprofessional barbarians who he must fight to cleanse this land of the un-Roman ways. He does this in more ways than one. At first he tries to train them in the Roman ways. If they don't listen (very likely since these heroes are strong but lack intelligence), he will fight them head-on with his superior tactics and gear.



  • Disciplined in tactics
  • Outdated but effective gear
  • Almost unbeatable when with other New Times Romans
  • Strong and determined


  • Easily hurt by tomatoes
  • Weak on his own since he's trained to be part of a legion
  • Checks on his gear way too often
  • Named after a font style
  • Heroes are envious of him
  • Gear does not make him the quickest of soldiers