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Championed by the Hero: Oscar-
Personality: Unknown
Gender: male
Guild: Blue Feather
Guild Position:   Advisor


Hi! I'm Neon-A (as you will know, you found your way here after all.) Who are you? Actually no, not important. And this is my wiki page! (Obviously) I bet I sound like an idiot to you all so I might just move on. Moving on!

How I Came to be Here

I joined Godville about 3 months ago (as of 9th November 2015) and have enjoyed it, being able to not have to constantly check my crops/village/floors etc. (Despite wanting to (check the hero, not crops or anything)). I joined really because I had been seeing it recommended to me for about 4 months, and I finally gave in. Once again I feel like this is boring... Eh. Enough with the life story stuff I guess. Moving on!


Not really sure how to say anything here, so I'll settle for a list: I have been described as:

  • Kind
  • Generous
  • Odd (in a good way)
  • Happy
  • Quirky

That's the top 5.. I guess...

My Interests

I feel like I shouldn't just resort to listing again. Hmm. Oooh! I know! A poem! I'm good at those (I'll share some later)

My main interest is gaming,

For that I am very fond,

Not really with games that require maiming,

But ones with quests and swords, maybe even a wand.

My next interest is programming,

That is without a doubt,

Java, Python and C++-ing,

I couldn't live without.

Third up is tinkering,

I guess you could call it that,

Making, breaking and creating,

Machines, Networks and all that.

Fourth is... You know what. This could go on for a while. I'll just list it.

The rest of them:

  • Reading
  • Doodling
  • Running
  • Solving Problems
  • Board Gaming
  • Ignoring pleas to go on social media
  • Role playing (if I'm in the mood)

So yeah, that's interests done. Moving on!


And the wiki saga continues! We continue with my Guild memberships, Which are currently Blue Feather and Legendary Lore.

First up, my Main guild, Blue Feather!

Blue feather logo.png

I joined Blue Feather (now known as BF, because I'm a bit lazy) around 2 months ago,after not really paying attention to Guilds before that. Warm welcome straight away, so I knew I'd made the right choice. After that I tried to contribute where possible and still do, Adding Win, Lose, Banana to our guild games and in an odd moment filling the guild swimming pool with plastic ball pit balls.

Alright! Guild 2! It's Legendary Lore! The guild that my alt is in!

Blue feather logo.png

Now. First up, it's only a little guild, and it is quite new so don't expect much here. So I joined this guild because of the lovely Ex Spiritus, who is the greatest (♡♡♡), she decided to make a guild because of the size of Blue Feather meaning we were bound to have annoyances. So it was a place for some of the alts to hang around mainly, and has grown a little since. So yeah, not much to say on this one,but I'm sure amazing stories are to come!

I'm adding more things! I promise! Todo:

  • Add more content that seems useful
  • Add more content that isn't useful, but is weird or funny enough to be in anyway
  • Talk about alts
  • Tell a story maybe?
  • Remove this list.