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Monsters of Godville
Mantis Veneficus
Class Insect, Wizard
Habitat Dark forests, Graveyards, Dark Alleys, Abandoned Buildings
Description A mantis that practices necromancy

The Necromantis (Mantis Veneficus), is a mantis that practices witchcraft and sorcery. The Necromantises look like normal mantises, but they always have some sort of stick or pebble to use as a staff or magic ball. They are active during the night and remain in the shadows during the day.

General Information

Late at night, on every full moon, the Necromantises gather in the creepiest place in whatever city, town, or village to cast forbidden spells and perform dark rituals. They are extremely secretive and those who end up being present to their gatherings always walk out traumatized, cursed, or even dead. Sometimes the mantises are known to convert the corpses of those who dare try to interrupt their rituals into puppets that they can control to cause chaos or scare both monsters and people to near death.

The Necromantises follow this specific code:

  • Gather in places that most would be afraid to go to.
  • Only gather in the night during a full moon, holidays involving death, and astronomical phenomena.
  • Never be spotted by authorities, clergy, heroes, or gods unless it is safe to do so.
  • Never sacrifice heroes, for it alerts the gods to the area.
  • Only perform forbidden and evil spells and rituals.
  • Never speak of activity outside of gatherings.
  • If the anyone who isn't a mantis or isn't a fellow Necromantis enters the area of gathering during gatherings, sacrifice them unless it is a hero.
  • If the trespasser is a hero, scatter and wait until the hero leaves unless there is no other choice.

Until very recently, their spells and rituals were not well known and the dark, evil activities were considered as hallucinations, ghost sightings, or supernatural phenomena. Sometimes, depending on the spell casted, they could be mistaken for fireworks. However, a Necromantis decided to sacrifice a hero it defeated in battle, keeping him alive until it could sacrifice him. However, the gods were alerted, since it was a hero, and thus the activities of the Necromantises were discovered. Said Necromantises were smitten immediately.

Gods have commanded their heroes to hunt down and destroy any Necromantis Gatherings and investigate any suspicious activity occurring in places that are considered by either monsters or humans as either creepy, spooky, suspicious, or haunted. Because of this, the Necromantises have been using spells to kill heroes whenever a hero gets too close and even create special enchantments that allow them to detect when a hero is nearby.



  • Hard to see during the night
  • Rarely active during the day
  • Necromantic Spells
  • Skilled in summoning hellfire
  • Experts in forbidden rituals and sacrifices
  • Might detect heroes before heroes detect them


  • Holy magic/Holy Water
  • Bug spray
  • Small and easily crushed
  • Angry gods and goddesses
  • Hesitant to do anything to a hero, since gods and goddesses often are watching over them.