Necessary Evil

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Monsters of Godville
Necessary Evil
Class Abstract Concept
Habitat Anywhere
Description Necessary Evil

The story is new but its the same.

Although it may appear for the same reasons over time, its appearance will never be the same to those that know it. Sometimes heroes know it as sobriety, or in the form of divine punishment for just being too stupid. Whatever the reason, its necessary at the time of its manifestation according to some one. War, they say, is a necessary evil. So is attacking heroes. At least, from its standpoint.

Because of the nature of this entity, it can appear anywhere in Godville, even haunt the world outside, where the super-beings known as the Developers dwell. When made to manifest, it seeks to make right what created its presence in the first place. Unfortunately, this also means that upon accomplishing this task, the creature leaves the physical realm; so heroes that successfully slay one of these entities often find no reward.

But, no matter the necessity or reason for it to manifest, the creature is always evil. So vanquishing evil is good, right?


Abilities actually vary from manifestation to manifestation, but most have these common themes:


  • Omnipresent
  • Incorporeal (Abstract, philosophical concept)


  • Hugs and Acceptance
  • Ignorance so profound, it creates a stable paradox.