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The navel clamp is a particularly viscous combat technique that some say is related to the mystical Touch of Death used in the heathen lands and receives it's name from the action the attacker performs when performing the maneuver. This maneuver was developed and perfected by pacifist monks who were often attacked but were unable to kill their attacker due to vows to never end a life.

The attacker forms his or her hand into what looks to be the shape of the letter "C" when seen from the side and when performed left-handed. The attacker thrusts his or her hand into the abdomen of the defender such that the defender's navel "enters" the open portion of the "C".

A common misnomer is that the attacker closes his or her hand at this time in an attempt to "clamp" the navel. In point of fact the end goal of true practitioners of the navel clamp is to extend and grasp the spine, not the navel. Successful performance of the technique causes the navel to be compressed between the attackers palm and the defender's spine, further perpetuating the imagery of the navel being clamped.

This attack is intended to be a non-lethal, defensive maneuver as once the spine is grasped, pulling on the fragile spinal cord causes significant damage including paralysis below the level of the injury, allowing the attacker to end the combat without loss of life.

Incorrect performance of the technique can lead to significant internal injury including extensive internal bleeding and intestinal rupture, both typically resulting in extreme sneezing or death, possibly both.