Nature's Wraith

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Monsters of Godville
Nature's Wraith
Class Wraith
Habitat nature
Description Nature's Wraith

The Nature's Wraith is one of the many Monsters that inhabit Godville. It is an ethereal creature that takes pleasure in ensuring that nobody lives to pollute the world in which it inhabits. Unfortunately, that means that their lairs are littered with the remains of dead heroes.

After failing to get its artifacts swapped out in Tradeburg, the Nature's Wraith decided to compost them. Treasure which the departed once carried got mixed into the earth. In short, the Nature's Wraith is the one responsible for all the loot one might find while digging.



  • Strong & creepy exterior
  • Ethereal


  • Fire & bright lights
  • Could sell the treasure it buries for a condo in the Keys