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Welcome to the NKC48 page! Our guild thrives on friendship and courage for ideas.

With our strength and unity we will achieve better goals for the sake of Godville!

NKC48 Logo - The Temple of Blur Seeing One

Motto: For the letters and numbers of NKC48 without meaning!

NKC48 the guild that stands together without meaning in letters or numbers. We welcome everyone to join our guild. This guild has one goal, for unity and strength, with the loyalty of its members. We encourage you to join our guild and be united with us.

We are one guild of a kind!


War of Light and Darkness

On the great war of light and darkness there are many people who suffered. The war caused massive destruction to all living, until one day heroes questioned the Gods for the suffering of the innocents. They asked for guidance and the thing that could end the great war. The Gods have spoken with tremble on thunders and said: Go to the temple of blur seeing one and you'll find the answer". The heroes immediately followed the instruction and went there, an enourmous massive skeleton was there and heroes fought through its way to the Temple of Blur Seeing One. The heroes won the great battle and proceeded on its way to the temple. In the temple they searched for the guidance of God. After searching for a long time the heroes saw words lighten up and it was inscribed The Great NKC48.

Heroes went to lands of war and shouted NKC48!. With a lightning and rainbow struck on the ground the war has been silenced, and the light and dark soldiers seems to retreat. After that the war had ended. With that the heroes made a guild named NKC48, and their holy logo is the Temple of Blur Seeing One for it's the place of their great hope to end the chaos of the lands. Nobody knows the meaning behind the letters and numbers of NKC48. People are guessing and thinking, the great 48 heroes have started to build the guild, and NKC has been given different meaning to every people, yet the greatest close guess to the NKC48 is it's a code to end the great war of light and darkness, but who knows what really it means? Right now heroes travel to the lands of Godville and spreading the guild and the word, NKC48.

The Guild Headquarters

The founders of the guild decided to build the Headquarters next to the Temple of Blur Seeing One so that the guild may remain forever the guardians of the code and the holy words etched in stone... With help from multiple gods, the founder designed what can only be described as the temple twin... Well only the outside walls, the interior was made out of holy wood and at the center of the Atrium stands an Etenyum tree... It's blue, crystal-like, glowing branches make the room looks like an earthly paradise... The roof was painted to resemble the dawn sky, and the floor is made up of a coton like texture made to look like the floor of heaven itself... On the right a beautiful wooden door leads to the dormitories,on the left another door leads to the indoor greenhouse. Directly in front of the entrance is a grand staircase leading to the meeting room and the administration's office...

The corridor leading to the dormitories is painted with angels and heroes battling monsters of all sorts, every couple of steps you can see an intricate door leading to dorms. If you entered one, you would find yourself in a blue room, resembling the night sky... The floor would be made of the same coton-like substance and clouds would make what was used as beds... At the end of the corridor, an open door would lead you to the Dojo... The wooden floor would probably be walked by 3 or 4 people training in the various forms of combats and another 2 to 3 people would probably be reading books or painting...

The other door, back at the Atrium would lead you to the indoor greenhouse... A small paradise, filled with plants of all shapes, sizes and colors... Medicinal plants would be to your right... The small vegetable garden to your right, along with the exotic plants and the koi pond... There's a little bench under the Etenyum tree, next to the pond... There's also the path that goes to the kitchen and the dinning area...

The meeting room, on the second floor is a huge room covered in maps of all shape and forms, the tablein the center of the room is magical... It always seems big enough to seat all the members of the guild... The room is lit up by a thousand never-dimming candles... The legend says that those candles will only stop burning if the war NKC48 stopped ever restarted...

The administration's offices are in more grayish hues... The desk in the archive office is always covered in paperwork, the corridor leading to it also happens to house the library, which is always lit up at any time of the year... Knowledge is power after all...

The Headquarters are too big to be entirely described by one human... To fully comprehend the entirety of the architecture, to fully understand the complexity of the patterns, of the colors... You would have to come and see them for yourself...

External Links

The following website is the source of some image been used to this page.


War of Light and Darkness

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Guild stats

Motto: For the letters and numbers of NKC48 without meaning!
Alignment: bright
Gold Fund: 9291 c.u.
Membership Count: ~16
Guild Page: NKC48 

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