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Monsters of Godville
Toxorhynchites homicidium
Class Flying Demon
Habitat Dank and dismal swamps
Description A parasitic bloodsucker

The Murdersquito (Toxorhynchites homicidium) is one of the most hated monsters of Godville.


The dreaded Murdersquito has been an assassin ever since escaping the West Nile Prison where it was being held in captivity.

Many heroines have ignored such mosquito species, until Lego Hero battled it. While in battle the Lego Hero received a poisonous sting, discovering too late that it would be fatal.

  • Its blood red wings are a dead giveaway to his poisonous sting.
  • This monster is mostly encountered between the 100th Milestone and the 150th. Make sure to help your mortal heroine with a little Encouragement.



  • Very small and can fly very fast, making it a tough enemy to swat
  • Poisonous sting that causes swellings, bumps, mumps, lumps and humps. Beware!
  • Can go for days without needing to feed, unlike our Hero who needs regular supplies of beer and bacon sandwiches


  • No armor and a weak skin, so when contact is made, a single blow can be fatal
  • Must feed on blood to survive
  • Prone to secondary alcohol poisoning, especially if it takes a good suck on a typical heroine!

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