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Motto - a hero's catch phrase. For some reason, they take this as a good enough excuse to repeat it at least three times a second and to use it as their battle cry, secret greeting and all-round threat deterrent. It is well known that monsters are frightened of mottoes, although this is mainly down to the manner in which the mottoes are delivered; usually as an overly pugnacious and psychotic trill of utter fish-eyed madness. For this reason perhaps it is not so strange that the heroes manage to scare themselves off as well as their opponents most of the time.

How do you give your hero a motto then? By default it is always one of the following[1]:
Don't panic!
Eat me!
Everybody lies!
For pony!
Oh my god!
There is no spoon!
War never changes!
Winter is coming!

Once the hero reaches level 7, the god can implant a favourite phrase directly into the cerebral cortex of their hero's brain. They can do this as many times as they like, but it is advisable to just stick with one or the hero may start to become a little more confused than usual. What happened to free will you ask? In the world of Godville, gods don't usually bother with such a waste of time.

Creating a Motto

The most popular mottos in all of Godville are undoubtedly the default ones listed above, mainly due to the laziness of gods to change it. This guide aims to rectify this dire situation. To start with, all mottoes can be placed into one of the following categories:

  • Original - The best type. These cause their readers to chuckle due to the creativity and wit found in such a motto.
  • Stopgap - The god wanted a motto but was unwilling to spend a minute thinking of something that fits in the above category. They couldn't think of anything else so put a boring motto in for the time being until they think of something better.
  • Cultural References - By far the most annoying of all mottoes, these usually reference internet memes and are therefore unoriginal meaning any reader will already be tired of hearing it. These mottoes usually cause any reader to let out a brief sigh of weariness.
  • Offensive - Some gods use rude terms in their mottoes and often bad language too, since it is highly unlikely that anybody will actually report it.

So how should you go about making a motto that fits into the top category? Good question, and the answer can be found here. The perfect motto can be achieved mainly by taking into account the points listed below:

  1. The motto should be brief, or nobody will bother reading it.
  2. Originality is the key. The motto must be one nobody will have ever seen before.
  3. The motto should definitely be witty, to fit in with the main theme of the game.
  4. Literacy is imperative, mainly to avoid irritating people, but also to avoid the mockery of opponents (such as grammar Nazis).
  5. Possibly informative. What content will the motto contain? Do you wish to convey something? Guild Advertisement? Arena experience?
  6. Possibly in a different language, most commonly Latin.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Using your favourite quote from a book, song, movie or even an eminent scientist.
  • Extreme Sarcasm is often helpful.
  • Spoofs of well known phrases, often in relation to the stupidity of the hero.
  • Strongly motivational phrases are sometimes witty and therefore may be used.

As long as you follow the guidance above, your motto should be fine if you keep in mind the motto categories and which one you want the motto to fit into.

Symbols in Mottos

Most symbols found in mottos are guild symbols, but occasionally you will find a symbol that designates something else.

Note, some of these symbols may not appear on all displays.




  1. Based on a survey of the mottos of 235 heroes from the last three pages of the Pantheon of Construction (i.e. heroes new enough that most had not yet had their mottos updated) A total of 35 unique mottos showed up in the survey. Each of the eight mottos listed appeared 20+ times each, while the 27 other mottos appeared only once each.