Motor Pike

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Monsters of Godville
Motor Pike
Class sometimes fish, sometimes fried fish
Habitat road puddles, gutters, or drainage ditches
Description gas powered underwater monster

So there you are, riding down the road at a reasonable pace, minding your own business when all of a sudden - *wham!* - you are hit in the face with a fish. Such is the experience of many heroes and heroines of godville, where the vicious "motor pike" can be found inhabiting many of the highways, byways, and parkways between the towns.

The motor pike needs very little water to flourish and has no issue attacking the hero on the dry road before triumphantly returning to the puddle or drainage ditch upon the hero's defeat. If the hero does manage to defeat the pike they can expect an excellent fried fish dish after the battle. This is due to the pike's motorized interior thoroughly cooking the monster from the inside out, mixing perfectly with the natural oils of the road.


  • sheer numbers
  • heroes rarely expect the "fish to the face" attack when traveling a dusty road


  • tastiness
  • their internal motors rusting