Mother North

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Mother North
Motto: Pass the knife, Mother
Alignment: Brightest
Totem Monster: Angel of Debt
Gold Fund: 46668 c.u.
Date Founded:  June, 2010
Membership Count: 140
Town with Greatest Influence: Monsterdam (1%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 163
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 16
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 146
Forum Headquarters: Mother North
Guild Page: Mother North 
Data current as of December 12,, 2012

Mother North (or "M-to-the-o-to-the-t-to-the-h-to-the-e-to-the-r-to-the-Blank-to-the-N-to-the-o-to-the-r-to-the-other-t-to-the-h", as her friends call her [1]), was born a carpenter's daughter in some village somewhere on a shore somewhen. When she got older, she decided to grow up and become a real mother, like her name suggested. She always liked children, but she despised men and boys. So she adopted many girls, and raised them in the woods, teaching them skills to rid the world of men. Mother North is immortal, but her daughters are not. So they come and go, but their memory lives on forever, as does Mother North The strangest part of it all is, most of the guild members are male[2].


Some guilds pretend they have a say in who joins and doesn't join their guild, but the truth is, they don't. So, we accept everyone[3]!

How To Stay Joined

One thing we can control is how awesome we are, and we are pretty awesome. If you're new to Mother North, or even new to the game, try these things:

  • Check out the guild council - The guild council can be found under the "Friends" tab, and is a better way to communicate with guild mates than the forums.
  • Influence a lot - Influence is caused by Gods encouraging their hero while the hero is in a town, and it helps out with Guild popularity.
  • Check out the forums -
  • Offer suggestions - If you want to get noticed, offer a suggestion for a song, Guild wiki section, game, funny story, or anything you want in the Guild council.

We would love for you to stay joined, because we love you, and if you do we'll get unity, and we love unity almost just as much.


Mother North is known to be perfect. Through magic and a somewhat lengthy Terms and Conditions, all members, upon induction are made perfect. Contrary to popular belief, being perfect is pretty easy. There are 3 steps:[4]

  • Join Mother North
  • Eat a Poptart
  • Be Perfect[5]

By following these simple guildlines, all Mother North Members (Mother Northers) are perfect.


A long time ago the universe was the size of a thimble, then it exploded with a little thpppt [6]. And then years of evolution happened and planets and things like that. But when the universe was a thimble, Mother North sewed a dress. It was the ugliest dress ever made, but it was made with a universe thimble and no one else was around to see it anyways. Mother North then wore the dress and started her own Godville guild.

Not so History

Your Mother


In the future, we hope to win life, after we do that we'll move on to the much harder "Game of Life." There has been no further planning.



Every good Guild has an Anthem[7]. So here it is!

Mother North
Point me ahead!
Mother North
With your eyes all red!
Mother North
Give me a head!
Mother North
Kill him instead!

Mother North
Save me!
Mother North
Help me!
Mother North
Don't kill me!
Mother North
Have mercy on me!

At the everyone yells "No!"

Favorite Song

Sung to "On top of Old Smokey"

On top of the Compass
All pointing ahead
I saw my poor mother,
Hating on men

She heralded her children
Away from them.
And wore an ugly dress,
That was badly hemmed.


This is the zone for members to put in their god's name to become and official member To enter your name go to "edit" and type * { { god|(Insert God Name)}}


This is a place for members to put their Ranks here to show their power in the guild , and remember to put |{ { god|(Insert God Name)}} || Hero name || Rank 0_o

God Hero Rank
GodMerdoc the one  Albea thedude
GodPissant  Dubcee Master
GodCrazyEh  LittleCrazy Patriarch
GodToddShishler  Jabino Prophet
Godjoshua77  jay77 GRAND MASTER
GodFallenAsrael  Jack Frost Hierarch
GodSunset93  Crash B Master
GodKYLE-  Askbar Patriarch
Godjadcox77  jadcox777 grand master
GodDevinhuynh  Devinhuynh Master
Godfxbx  AlexPKeaton Prophet
Godliindra  Liindra Cardinal
GodDeon2112  Donnie M Master
Godapairapalegic  Bakstabin Master
GodIlontrath  Grathius Chief Master
GodFlyingwrestlingshoe  El Oso Master
GodRoachTheInsane  FlatulousStanko Prophet
GodErasfina  Ella Grimm Cardinal
GodNkosi Woseley   Morxan Grand Master
GodBastardus   Horsemen Cardinal
GodMercantilist   Antoinette Follower
GodBarbie Girl  Alyssa Marianna Fan

since a short period of time the members of Mother North got jobs. a list of them here

Temple Owners

Here we honor the gods and heroes that spent an enormously large amount of time making a temple.

God Hero Level Date Completed
GodMerdoc the one  Albea 84 December 4, 2012
GodMolybdaen  Mordencai 62 November 24, 2011
GodStargoose  Skarsknik 61 December 26, 2011
GodMadelyn  Koraa 61 February 6, 2012
GodHaberde  Kernival 58 April 17, 2012
GodToddShishler  Jabino 58 April 22, 2012
GodXpionage  Rotiv 56 May 15, 2012
GodTantaus  Kuular 58 May 20, 2012
Godfxbx  AlexPKeaton 52 September 21, 2012
GodBarbie Girl  Alyssa Marianna 47 August 17, 2016

References and Notes

  1. Okay, maybe she doesn't have any friends
  2. I have no idea if that's actually true
  3. Must be at least 8 ft. tall, be able to eat 60 pancakes in one sitting, be level 302 or above, and love ice cream. For a limited time only.
  4. Unless you include the steps on the Poptart wrapper
  5. For instruction on this step, look under the heading Perfectness
  6. misleadingly named "The Big Bang"
  7. And so do we